Preparing for Winter Outdoor Play


Kids bundled up to play outside in the winter.Although we have been experiencing milder temperatures than we are used to, it’s still valuable to note effective ways to stay warm outdoors during the winter.

As the new year begins, many families participate in “1000 hours outdoors.” It’s an incentive to get up and head out into nature as often as possible.

Below you’ll find some tips for preparing for the weather so you and your littles can enjoy the great outdoors this season.

Tip #1: Layer Up

It’s best to start with an underlayer of fleece or wool. The purpose is to minimize the presence of moisture that may result from perspiration. Having a dry first layer will set the tone for the rest of your time outdoors! Next, a second layer of something warm and moisture resistant (to an extent). These layers can be removed or added to depending on comfort. Finally, the outer layer is what will contain body heat. Insulated coats, one-pieces, and waterproof materials are best! Don’t forget your basics, gloves, hats, scarves, wool socks, and waterproof and insulated boots!

Tip #2: Fuel with Food

Eating high-protein meals and hydrating before heading out can help provide our bodies with the necessary nutrition to navigate the colder temps! Packing snacks such as nuts, warm beverages, and good ol’ water can help keep everyone energized and happy.

Tip #3: Take Breaks

Take breaks if you are out and about at a local park or outside your home. Head to the car to warm up a bit or bring the kids inside to refuel with lunch. Then layer back up and head out to enjoy more time in the fresh air.

Children are curious and excited about the world around them. When it’s uncommon for time outdoors when cooler temperatures hit, they may feel a sense of excitement to layer up and get out. Most of the time, our kids will play without a worry in the world, regardless of their comfort. Checking in with them throughout the day and encouraging them to remain mindful of their feelings can be super helpful.

I’m hopeful the mild temps stick around, but just in case we return to our seasonable temperatures, I am hopeful these tips can be helpful

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