Nature-Based Play Spaces


Being in a nature-based play space is one of the best ways for a toddler to express their curiosity and explore the world around them.

My daughter and I love being outdoors. It’s grounding, stress relieving, and provides tons of opportunities for learning. Here are our favorite outdoor spaces. Perfect for playing, hiking, and learning! 

Roosevelt Forest {Stratford}

Roosevelt Forest is a quaint outdoor space nestled within a residential area of the town of Stratford. It offers access to the dog park, walking trails, and a calming pond. There’s a gazebo with a fireplace and several outlets throughout the trails to settle in and create a safely contained fire for relaxing. Littles have the opportunity to explore the trails, play out in the large field and enjoy the sights of wildlife. We spend a ton of time here in the fall. It’s a beautiful place to be!

Leonard Shine Preserve & Children’s Natural Playground {Westport}

This combo walking trail and natural playground offers a variety of educational experiences for the whole family. There are signs scattered throughout that offer facts about the land and directions through the trail. There is also a play area complete with a teepee, playhouse, and climbing ramp, all made from natural materials. My daughter had a blast spending the morning here, and so did I

Webb Mountain {Monroe}

This is a beautiful outdoor space with camp access and several walking trails. There are scenic overlooks, a picturesque pond, and lots of opportunities for little ones to run around. I have yet to bring my daughter; however, I took a field trip with a camp I worked for several years ago, and it was quite an adventure! Looking forward to heading back this fall.

Do you know any nature-based play spaces that you’d like to recommend? My daughter and I are always up for a new adventure!


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