Where Are All the Size 8 Influencers?


Where are all the size 8 influencers?

I am in a futile search for women who religiously post on social media accounts and get PAID (or sponsored) to do it, and dress in clothing that is around a size 8. 

I wear a size 8 in the majority of the clothing I own. In other words, I have clothing ranging from size 4 to 10 that occupy my closet, but the plethora of items have the number 8 on the tag. My blouses are overwhelmingly mediums, and 4 out of the 7 pairs of jeans I own have a 29 embroidered on the waistband. 

However, when I mindlessly scroll through my Instagram feed, I rarely see bodies that are a size 8. Let me clarify, I very rarely see influencers on my social accounts that dress in a size 8.

Pretty filtered picture after beautifully edited photo seems to contain no female body wearing a size medium top. As the curator of my social media feed, I am solely responsible for the bodies that I view on my feed daily. Therefore their pronounced absence could be completely and totally my fault. From my observation, the influencers I have chosen to follow on my feed fall into two distinct categories.

The first category is women who wear clothing items that are a size 4 or under. I say “wear clothes” because I believe that bodies are NOT some ill-conceived number that manufacturers have created. Our bodies are so much more than a number on so many levels. I would also like to note that I am not calculating the size of the clothes they choose to wear based on my visual observation alone. By very definition, these women are influencers, and they are tasked with trying to sell their products and often clearly state the exact size of the clothing they are modeling. 

The second category of women that I have chosen to follow is women wearing clothing items that are a size 12 or larger. The same pretenses I stated before applying to these women. However, it is important to note that many of these women are self-proclaimed “plus-size.”

This brings back to my original question…where are all the size 8 influencers?

Now, the lack of these size 8 influencers on my feed could very well be my fault. Maybe there are a plethora of them out there, and I am just not following them. Yet, I am not exactly convinced this is the case. I would also like to add that at least 10 of the women that fall into the first category are local influencers that live in Fairfield County, while none of the women that fall into the “plus-sized” category live locally. Again, this could be my own doing.

I am fully aware that a plethora of people wear clothing that is labeled with an 8, I am just saying from my observations those women do not hold the title of a social media influencer.

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