10 Things to Love About Fall (as we say goodbye to summer)


10 Things to love about Fall

Fall is here! The air is cooler at night and early in the morning, and the sun is setting earlier in the evening. It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer; to the warmth and the beach, the carefree kids tired out by swimming and camp days. But wait! There is so much to get excited about for fall and I polled some of our Fairfield County Mom’s Blog moms to see what everyone is looking forward to.

1. School is in session! I’m placing this in the top spot as my favorite thing about fall. Sure, I’m not excited about packing the school lunches again, or the dreaded homework battles but I am very glad to see my children back in the classroom! I have to give a special shout out to all the teachers out there, who dedicate themselves to our kids each and every day. They give so much and they spend many hours a day helping our children learn and grow into (hopefully) successful humans. Thank you teachers and I’m sorry in advance! 

2. All things pumpkin. Many moms suggested that what they love about fall is wrapped up in pumpkin everything: beer, bread, cookies, coffee, on and on we could go. Trader Joe’s alone goes pumpkin crazy. So stock up and get your pumpkin on!

3. Football. We are not a sports loving family so this isn’t on my list but it is probably on yours! Whether you are a Giant’s or a Patriot’s fan, it’s football season and that means nachos and Sundays with your favorite sports fanatics. It may also mean that you are out on the field with your own football players; whether they play for the schools or the town. Enjoy those games as you layer up or down for the crazy (and sometimes unpredictable) New England fall weather.

4. Sleeves. And that brings me to another favorite thing about fall; layers and adding sleeves/pants. Jeans and sweaters or sweatshirts! And since it’s Connecticut in the fall, I’m sure we will see many a cardigan out there!

5. Heading out to the orchard and the pumpkin patch. This time honored tradition is fun for families and school field trips in New England. We all have our favorite places. My family loves Jones Farm and Silverman’s along with Sherwood Farm in Easton but there are so many choices in the area and it’s a great way to support local, family run businesses.

6. Fall festivals and carnivals. We just attended the Chester Fair at the end of August. It’s a great mix of animals, fried foods, and rides. There are lots of great fairs and festivals going on in September, October, and November in Connecticut! 

7. Opening the windows. The mornings and evenings are much cooler and it’s a great time to slowly turn off the air conditioning and enjoy the fall air!

8. Playing in the leaves and taking hikes. Soon all the leaves will be falling and covering the green grass. What kid doesn’t love jumping in a leaf pile? Fall is also a great time for hikes. We’ve done some nice hikes with the kids this summer but not having to deal with the sun and the heat is very appealing. The colors in fall are rich and the cooler air may even coax out some new creatures to see along the way. Head over to your local Audubon center for very simple, family-friendly hikes!

9. Less personal grooming. I’m sure we can all get on board with less shaving and less suntan-lotioned and/or sweaty kids, so that maybe we can skip a night (or two) in the bathtub and make that nighttime routine go a bit faster?

10. Halloween. I know many parents have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. It feels like this holiday is never-ending. When I was a kid, we dressed up in school and went trick or treating and that was it. Now, we have the school events, the town events, and then the actual trick or treating. However, it’s a great opportunity to really get more bang for your buck (or your sewing skills) as your children showcase their costumes at these many events.

What are you excited about for fall? What are your go-to activities?

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Jasmine is a local mom who lives in Fairfield with her husband and three children (born 2010, 2013 and 2018). She is a psychotherapist with a focus on women in life transition, especially the perinatal period. Her private practice is located in downtown Fairfield (BetterSelfCT.com). Jasmine was born and raised in Connecticut but spent her college and graduate school years in and around New York City. She has worked as a psychotherapist since 2007 and is passionate about helping others to reach their goals. Jasmine is still trying to get the hang of this parenting thing, 10 years into it. In the two hours after her children go to bed, she enjoys a good glass of wine and watching the latest Netflix series with her husband. She also loves the beach, supportive mom friends and baked goods.


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