My Supplement Regime


supplementsTime and time again, I evaluate my supplement stock. Most of the time, this is in immediate relation to the changing seasons. We know multivitamins are important, but I do keep other vitamins and supplements at hand. While I may not take them daily, they are a part of my routine in some shape or form.

As a woman, I have suffered from fatigue, concentration, bloating, water retention, headaches, and aches. It is very important to keep track of my wellness. If I fall short in this department, outside of eating a balanced diet, I look at what I have not been taking as far as vitamins and supplements go. 


Gut health – good immune system support, healthy digestion, and good bacteria.

Ascorbic Acid 

Immune function and inflammation – the most popular is vitamin C. Our bodies can only absorb so much oral Vitamin C. Taking it this way allows your body to absorb more or, in some cases, any that is leftover in water or your digestive system.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 

Sleep – everyone experiences sleep problems from time to time, and a good night’s sleep is essential. It is said that both magnesium and vitamin B6 work in synergy, and both play an important part in assisting our body’s creation of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Coenzyme Q10 

Crucial for energy production – this is a naturally occurring hormone, but some have lower levels than others. It is recommended for infertility treatments, cardiovascular supplements, and other diagnoses. 

Rhodiola Rosea

Stress support – the is a more holistic/herbal approach, but I use this for stress support, stamina, and energy.  I believe this helps my brain and cognitive functions, as well.

Collagen Protein  

Joints and healthy skin – alternating between animal and plant-based options, is the newest addition to my supplements. Collagen is said to be very important, bones, cells, and even wrinkles. I use this protein to aid in any damage that may have been done over my younger years. 

Overall health is affected by hormones, libido, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. Self-care and wellness are staples in my life, and it is important that outside of a doctor’s visit and eating healthy, I am aiding my body to do its best job.

I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving you a list of to-dos. Consult with your health care provider before taking part in any of the above-listed supplements. 


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