Oh Baby, I Am Back!


Two moms pushing strollers.One of my greatest joys in life is being a mother. I dreamed of it as a child and could not wait until I was married and had children. My teenage years were filled with babysitting neighborhood kids and, eventually, a younger sister. 

When I was 30, my dream of motherhood came true, and then again at 34 and most recently at 41.  My children are my blessings, and I am grateful, but I feel like I am starting over again.

I admit that having a baby at 41 is different from when I had my first child at age 30. This pregnancy took more of a toll on my body, both physically and mentally. I also forgot what it’s like waking up in the night with an infant. I forgot the no sleep stage and tons of spitting up on clean outfits. However, every second of it is worth it and the joy of being able to bring another life into the world is euphoria.

I have met many moms through my older children’s elementary school and extracurricular activities. I am trying to make new friendships with moms with infants, and I forgot how I did it ten years ago. Back then, it was simpler because I lived in an apartment complex, and there was a playground at the end of the block. In the suburbs, it feels more challenging and takes more effort. There are fewer places to walk to, and after running the household with two older kids, it is often hard to get out of the house. I am trying to explore ways to socialize for myself and my baby. 

Trying to find moms in the infant stage and share similar trials and tribulations in my forties isn’t easy!

I’ve had success at the doctor’s office. Yes, you heard it correctly. I have struck up a couple of conversations with other moms while waiting to be called back by the nurse. In a 5-minute chit-chat, you may learn about the age of their child, which hospital they gave birth and a chance to exchange names. It is a potential opportunity to connect with another mom in the same boat. 

The library is also a great spot! Check out your town public library, and you may be able to join a meet-up group with the smaller children!

Local Fairfield County parks are another option for finding mom friends. If you can stop by during the day, you will find moms, dads, or nannies with the smaller children who are not in school yet.

Check out your local Parks and Recreation website for your town, as this often lists other events and activities. I have found some local activities that will be resuming as we approach warmer weather.

No matter what, you will find what works for you. There are a lot of moms with infants out there!

It is great to explore ways to connect your infant/small child with others. You will likely meet moms and potentially develop new friendships along the way. It is easy to have fallen out of the “infant scene,” but it is possible to get back into it. For me, it is easy to strike up a conversation with a mommy who has a baby stroller. We already have something in common. Making a little effort and doing some research will help. No matter which way works for you, enjoy the time with your little one as they will be walking, talking, and making their own plans before you know it. 

Where do you go to connect with other moms with infants?


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