Meet Marissa: Gaining New Perspective


Hi! My name is Marissa, and I am a Fairfield County working mom. I grew up in Connecticut and lived in New York for 18 years. I transitioned back to Fairfield County five years ago though I still commuted to the city daily before the current “work from home” era. I love Connecticut and everything that Fairfield County has to offer. I’m thankful to one of my oldest and dearest friends for opening up this Fairfield County Mom contributor opportunity for me.

Life was busy before becoming a working mom, and life is busier now, but I try to find joy and gratitude every day.

I am excited to be a new member of this inspirational and talented group of women. Like many, I never imagined myself being a mom. The sleepless nights turned into sleepless years in a wink, and now I can’t remember my life before being one.  

The work/life balancing act and struggle became real immediately. My love, admiration, and respect for my mom friends has grown exponentially over the past few years. They are resilient, tough, intelligent, and accomplished women who are capable of achieving anything.

The moms I know have been enlightening, supportive, and encouraging when I lean on them for advice and support, and I’m always grateful for their insight. By joining the team, I hope to learn from more women, to gain some new perspectives, and to widen my circle of local friends.

I love my family, going to the beach, travel, really good take-out, an occasional date night, the outdoors, baseball, running, planning parties and holidays, champagne, and a really good movie. My jogs help to keep me balanced. Though I’ve been a runner my whole life, my runs still mostly resemble walking. I love reading about parenting tips and hacks and about what’s going on in our community and state. I am flattered to be here and hope to share some insight as well.

I am the mom of one audacious and funny four-year-old boy. My favorite part about being a mom is watching him grow, develop, learn, and turn into a tiny little person. I love it when I notice some of my personality traits in him. I love watching his personality develop and watching his interests becoming defined. My favorite mom moment is when I get the occasional, “Mommy….I love you.” And the snuggles!

What is your favorite part about being a mom?


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