A Guide to Pediatricians in Fairfield County


pediatricianCheck your local Mom Facebook page and see what the most frequently asked question is. Yup! Can anyone recommend a pediatrician they love in the area? But don’t worry, the Fairfield County Mom contributor team has the answers!

We found that there are some pretty standard qualities that moms look for in a practice, such as wait time, ability to get an appointment when your child is sick, thorough examinations, non-alarmist demeanor, and supporting mom’s choices. Listed below are our absolute favorites in the area and why we love them.

Dr. Lori Storch-Smith at Bay Street Pediatrics Westport

A great small practice is right in Westport, and local moms swear that they feel like family when going here. Dr. Smith supports moms who prefer to take a more natural route before medicating but certainly advocates for medication when it becomes a necessity. She is a strong supporter of breastfeeding and won’t put the pressure on supplementing when things don’t seem to be going too smoothly. This is especially great news for new moms who have difficulty with feeding, especially with their first child.

Dr. Mark Vincent at Black Rock Pediatrics  Fairfield

A long-time favorite of local moms, many even followed him from Norwalk to Fairfield when he joined this small practice. Moms rave that the smaller practice allows them to get the attention they need. For many moms, bigger practices aren’t always better!

Dr. Marilyn Smith at Canterbury Pediatrics Monroe

If you’re looking for someone calm and reassuring, look no further than Dr. Smith. Our contributors swear that she is both of these things and makes mom feel much more relaxed after the exam. Moms love the clean and welcoming office as well.

Dr. Meredith Renda & Dr. Christine Macken – Doctors’ Pediatric – Ridgefield & Wilton

Doctor visits are by appointment only (including Saturday in the Wilton office), and more often than not, expect to be shown to an exam room immediately upon checking in. One mom claims she has never had to wait long in the waiting room. All of the doctors are thorough, patient, and understanding and on-call phone calls are responded to immediately. One doctor even called back while she was shopping in the supermarket on the weekend. Dr. Renda has also helped one family navigate a medical situation with their child. They were so thankful for the time she took to speak with them and specialists on their behalf.

Dr. Stephen Grevious & Dr. Minas Lialios at Park Street Pediatrics Norwalk

Many local moms love this comprehensive practice in Norwalk. Dr. Grevious and Dr. Lialios come highly recommended for their expertise and ability to keep moms calm and reassured. Our sources tell us that he is fantastic with kids and makes exams as easy as possible for both mom and baby. Sounds perfect to us!

Dr. Melanie Georgalas at Pedicare Pediatrics – Shelton

Pedicare Pediatrics is open seven days a week in Shelton. A great recommendation came for Dr. Georgalas as she is very good at helping new parents alleviate fears and anxiety. She also provides evidence-based recommendations and can cite recent data during our visits.

Dr. Leah Sterry at Pediatric Associates of Western Connecticut Danbury

Dr. Steary is recommended for her calming influence on nervous mamas. Even with a child who may have some issues, moms can feel confident that Dr. Steary will never make them nervous while mapping out a plan of action. This doctor is a great choice for moms who need reassurance, especially when they suspect the worst!

Dr. Henry Rascoff at Soundbeach Pediatrics – Stamford

Dr. Rascoff has such a way with kids and knows how to make them feel safe and secure while also making them laugh. The nurses there take their time, and you never feel rushed. You can call up to ask questions, and someone always gets back to you quickly. The other doctors in the practice, particularly Dr. Maggie, are so thorough and genuine. They will even call sometimes to check in after a sick visit. All in all, the practice is a great place for kids.

Dr. Andrew Hart at Stamford Pediatrics Stamford & Darien

Both of the Stamford Pediatrics locations are warm and inviting, with a vibrant fish tank and toys in the waiting room and several books in the exam rooms. Also, holiday photos of patients cover several walls. The doctors, nurses, and receptionists are all so cheerful and kind. Most importantly, the kids are confident and comfortable talking to the doctors there and always are encouraged to speak up if they have questions. 

Dr. David Bonheim at Trumbull Pediatrics – Trumbull

The practice consists of five doctors. One mama had a scary incident with her four-year-old daughter when all of a sudden she couldn’t walk. The doctor knew immediately what it was and answered every question over multiple days. Another situation with one contributor’s son was that she had to put a call in after hours. The doctor was hesitant for her to take him to the ER but said, “You’re his mother. You know him better than anyone.” Some doctors regard mothers as panic-stricken and don’t listen the way they should, but that’s not the case at this practice.

Dr. Paul Juan and Dr. Maya Rasheed at Valley Pediatrics Greenwich

Our contributors love this office because there is little to no wait time and appointments are easy to schedule. One of the really great things about this practice is that they have walk-in hours each morning! Can’t beat that when there’s a sick kid in the house. At each appointment, moms receive a full write up of “what to expect” at the corresponding age group of their child. Although amazing, our moms found the, “Don’t Panic” packet super helpful and informative as well. The doctors are very supportive of parent intuition, all the nurses are kind and friendly, and moms rave about the in-house lactation consultant.

Dr. Jonathan Sollinger at Willows Pediatrics Westport

We’re not going to lie, this office is super busy, but moms tell us that you can always get an appointment! If you’re a new mom, this office has an amazing new moms support group that is wonderful to connect with local moms. There is a sick and well area to prevent cross-contamination – moms absolutely love this! 

Whether you’re a first time mama or are looking for a new practice, finding a doctor to care for your child can be nerve-wracking. While we hope this list is helpful, always take the time to interview your pediatrician first to make sure you connect about values and views. It’s also helpful to talk to other moms who have been with the office for a little while, as they may be able to add some helpful tips.

Who is your favorite pediatrician or practice in the area?


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