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“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse in that it includes big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways. It covers a large geographic area and, because of this, it has a lot to offer families! To help you get the most out of Fairfield County, our contributors have shared the top 10 things they love about each local area. To read more in this series click here.Easton

Easton, Connecticut is one of the smaller towns in Fairfield County, but it has quite a bit to offer. Easton was originally part of Fairfield and Weston and finally became its own town in 1845. Easton also contains the Aspetuck Historic District which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Helen Keller was a long time resident of Aspetuck and she is remembered in Easton by having the middle school named after her. Another interesting fact about Easton is about half of the town’s property is owned by the Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut which provides water to the area. Though Easton may be on the smaller side, there are many different activities and places to visit.

1. Silverman’s Farm

One of the most famous and visited attractions in Easton is Silverman’s Farm. Whether you are peach picking, apple picking, or just visiting their animal farm, you’re bound to have a great time. They also have a wonderful country market with delicious baked goods, flowers and greens, and fun farm décor. Silverman’s is also a great location for a birthday party.

Peach picking & tasting at Silverman’s Farm.

2. Easton Village Store

There are not many places to have a bite to eat in Easton, but the Easton Village Store is one of them. It has a great variety of foods for breakfast and lunch. They also offer catering services and have a gas station out front.

3. The Olde Blue Bird Inn Restaurant

Another restaurant in Easton to check out is The Olde Blue Bird Inn Restaurant. They are most famous for their delicious breakfast that is served all day! However, they also offer some great lunch options, which are not served on Sunday.

4. Greiser’s Coffee and Market

One more breakfast and lunch spot in Easton is Greiser’s Coffee and Market. This quaint spot, besides offering delicious food, is a place where you can shop local. They currently have a “made-in-Easton” display of artisan crafts and artwork.

5. Maple Row Farm

If you are new to Fairfield County around the holidays you may hear people talking about cutting down their own trees or even tailgating and then cutting down their tree. Maple Row Farm is the place to go if that’s something that piques your interest. Maple Row is most notably known for their Christmas trees, but they also sell landscaping supplies and firewood. If you plan to get your Christmas tree there, they also offer refreshments and hayrides on the weekends. Don’t forget to visit their Oxen.

Friends cutting their tree at Maple Row Farm.

6. Sport Hill Farm

If you are looking for some local non-GMO sustainably grown produce, look no further than Sport Hill Farm. They sell over 60 varieties of produce at their market and you can find them at local farmers’ markets too. Some local restaurants also partner with Sport Hill including Artisan, The Whelk, and Match, among others. There are some special occasions when you can dine at the farm as well! Sport Hill Farm offers a CSA program as well as a summer camp.

7. Sherwood Farm

Sherwood Farm has a great market offering a great variety of produce, meat, farm fresh eggs, and specialty food items. They also offer a CSA program. Sherwood Farm produces its own honey which is available in the market as well.

8. Easton Public Library

Like many of the towns in Fairfield County, Easton has a wonderful library. The Easton Public Library offers many programs for adults, teens, and children. They also have a book discussion groups and a Scrabble club!

9. Easton Community Center

The Easton Community Center offers an abundance of programs to Easton. They have a preschool program, fitness programs, enrichment programs, as well as adult sports leagues. The ECC also hosts special events as well as birthday parties.

10. Easton Parks and Recreation Department

The Easton Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of programs for the community including before and after school programs, enrichment programs, as well as sports programs. They also offer classes at The Easton Arts Center as well as community events.

Have you visited Easton? Do you live here? What do you love about it?

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