Mommy Meltdowns: When Mommy Deserves a Time Out


mommy timeout

There is a mean girl in our house, ladies, and true confession time; it is me! I’m not saying that it happens every day, but sometimes when the final button has been pushed, this mama gets mean and likely deserves a time out.

There have been many blog posts about the importance of self-care for moms, and heck, I’ve written one myself. But if we can be real for a moment, there are weeks throughout our lives when that isn’t actually feasible. 

These are the weeks where this mom is a boiling pot and, at any given moment, can spill out all over the ones she loves so dear.

We’ve all been there – you’ve just asked your littles to brush their teeth or come to the dinner table for the fifth time, and then the fuse is lit! I’m not proud of my behavior; I say and react in a way that I don’t want my children to replicate. So here are three ways I try to get through my mommy meltdowns.


I may not have liked whatever my children were doing that led to my “mean jean” behavior; however, I feel it is important to apologize for going over the top with my yelling or unkind words. I like to let my children know that even mommies make mistakes, and saying sorry is necessary. I hope that they understand how an apology can make both loved ones feel better after an argument.

Take a Time Out

This is a bit harder to do. When I feel a mommy meltdown coming on, I excuse myself from the room. This gives me a moment to myself where I can react without my children seeing. It gives me time to stop myself from saying the first thing that comes out of my mouth and handling the situation with a more level head.

Have a Family Meeting

During a particularly hectic week, I like to proactively chat with my family and let them know that our life will be more stressful than usual and plan out ways to make the week run more smoothly. These meetings are helpful as a chance for some perspective-taking. It is also a chance to reflect on how stress can impact how we react to situations and discuss the importance of incorporating stress-relieving activities into our lives (i.e., nature walks, family fun nights, etc.).

We aren’t perfect, and some parts of our year are more stressful than others. We need to own our behavior and do what we can to make it better. 

Are you ever the mean girl in your house? Any tips on how to avoid a mommy meltdown?


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