Make a Trip to Broadway: “The Great White Way”


Sometimes I feel I take for granted that I live less than two hours away from New York City; a city rich in culture, diversity, and arts. Growing up on Long Island I took frequent trips into the city (because that’s what you call New York City if you live anywhere remotely close to it). Now that my children are a bit older I’ve found it easier to hop into the car and take a day trip with them, especially with my oldest to see a Broadway show.

My husband and I have a lot in common, but one thing we don’t share a love of is live theater. My husband would much rather watch a movie stretched out on our couch or those new comfy movie theater seats. While I do love a good movie, there is nothing that beats a Broadway show. Even though I can twist his arm to come see a show with me, I have a much more fun companion as of late, my 10-year old daughter.

When my daughter was six she saw her first Broadway show, Aladdin. From then on we’ve made our way through Lion King, Wicked, Matilda, Frozen and most recently Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. A lot of parents hesitate when they think of taking their children to a show. I’m sure a lot has to do with the cost of a ticket. It’s one thing to swallow your $9 if your child freaks out at a movie theater, quite another if you’re at a show and spent a more considerable amount of money. However, I think live theater should be something every child has a chance to experience. 

Start Small

There are many great small, local theaters to take your children to. If you don’t think your child is ready for the “The Great White Way” try a community theater or a cabaret. These theaters are filled with talented actors and great stories but don’t hold the high price tag Broadway does. If your child doesn’t seem to like it, you can always leave without feeling the dread of wasting all that money.

There are also so many Disney plays on Broadway to choose from. Try having your child watch the movie version at home to see if it holds their interest. If they can sit through the movie interested, then they more than likely can sit through a live show. In fact, my daughter was always more attentive at the live show than the movie.

Ways To Save on Broadway

Going to see a show on Broadway doesn’t have to break the bank. Below are just a few ways you can get tickets for a Broadway show and not spend your entire paycheck. Act fast and set up email alerts because these deals sell out quickly!

  • Kids Night on Broadway – This allows a child to see a participating Broadway show for free. As you can imagine these deals go fast so sign up for email alerts!
  • Broadway 2-for-1 ticket offer – With this offer you can purchase tickets for up to 50% off. You’ll need to buy a minimum of two tickets.
  • Broadway Roulette – Here you can enter the day in which you want to see a show and tickets are just $49-$59 a piece. The one snag is that the website chooses for you so you have to be flexible on which show you’d want to see.
  • Enter the lottery – Many in-demand plays, like Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have lotteries. If you win, you get your tickets at an amazingly discounted rate. Download the app Today Tix which can alert you to daily lotteries and gives discounts to almost every show.

Have Fun

Granted seeing a Broadway show with a child won’t be as stress-free as if you were by yourself or with another adult. If you can pick your seats, pick an aisle seat so if your child needs to use the bathroom or needs a break you don’t disturb everyone else watching the show. Be patient with their questions during the show (because they’ll have them).

My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and still had some questions while we were watching the play. Keep in mind they are excited as this is all new to them. They might want to share that excitement as the play is happening. Try not to stress about them talking to you for a few seconds. I found if you constantly tell them to be quiet it just makes them more agitated. Answer them quickly and redirect your attention to the stage. More than likely they will do the same.

kids on broadway
My daughter at Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Do you have any great tips to share? Let us know in the comments.


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