The Lost Art of RSVPing!


birthday party rsvp

My brother got married in December. As my sister-in-law was preparing for one of the most exciting days of her life, she had to add ‘check RSVP’s’ on her to-do list. On top of fine-tuning scheduling details, working with the caterer, and meeting with the photographer, she had to make calls, write emails and send texts to invited guests that had not responded to their invitation that was sent months ago!

This didn’t surprise me, because I hear a lot of people say, “no one RSVPs anymore!” But it was a little bit upsetting that people couldn’t mail back the already stamped response card! If you are invited to a party, event or meeting, you need to let the host know if they should count on your presence. It’s just simple decency and good manners to reply to an invitation!

I am a huge fan of old fashioned paper invitations, but a few years ago, I starting using EVITE. It was a lot easier for people to add events straight to their calendar and RSVPing only required one simple click. I also noticed it was a trend, most of my children’s friend’s birthday party invitations were coming through my email, so I jumped on board! Recently, with family birthday parties, I have resorted to texting a photo of an invitation, to make it even easier for people to RSVP!  

Granted, we are busy! I am aware of that and I have even been guilty of forgetting to RSVP before. If you open an invitation and decide to wait to check your calendar, it can easily slip your mind. However, it’s just sad to me that we send electronic invitations in hopes that people will RSVP because it is right at their fingertips!

Let’s bring back RSVPing; all I ask is that we are all a little more mindful of it!


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