Thank You Disney+, It Was Exactly What I Needed!


Disney+Most evenings in December, you could find me curled up on the couch watching the movie Godmothered with my three daughters. In the background, my tree twinkled, and my Santa collection stood proudly on my hutch, displaying that jolly old Saint Nick smile. I was cozy and warm with my favorite Paper Store blankets and my glass of wine or hot tea (depending on the day) warmed my soul.

This became my happy place!

Rewind a week or two, right after Thanksgiving (which was strange for me); I wondered how I would keep the holiday cheer alive. Sure, I appreciated the slowdown and was thankful for all our family time, but there were moments I felt extremely gloomy and I couldn’t control my tears.

I am a Christmas girl through and through. I love the holiday hustle and bustle; shopping, baking, blasting holiday tunes and decorating my house. But Christmas in a pandemic was a bit different. No holiday sing-alongs at school, no ugly sweater parties, and no large family meals. I felt a bit empty.

And then I watched Godmothered. This movie reminded me of all the holiday cheer I needed. It gave me hope! Bravo Disney! This magical film even had me believing that Godmothers really do exist!  

Eleanor, a Godmother from the Motherland, travels to Boston to answer a letter written by ten-year-old Mackenzie Walsh. The letter went unanswered, and now grown and a mother of two, Mackenzie is skeptical of her very own Fairy Godmother. She is also skeptical of a “happily ever after” after losing her husband years prior. However, with the help of her two daughters, her sister, and Eleanor’s determination to help her find happiness, she finds her true love.

** Spoiler Alert – stop reading if you have not watched the movie!**

Disney did it again and created a beautiful storyline where true love is not that of a significant other. Mackenzie realizes her true loves are her daughters and her sister, the family that gets her through everyday life challenges.

2020 was hard and sad, and some days I wanted to ship my children away, but Godmothered made me want to hold on so tight and never let go. It made me feel so hopeful, and so happy!

So Disney+, I want to thank you for giving me the joy back that I needed after a tiring and emotionally draining year. I’m not sure what 2021 has in store, but I’m heading into it like Eleanor. So optimistic, so encouraged, and so positive! Son of a butterscotch, we got this!

What is your favorite movie that inspires you and brings you joy?


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