Switching Schools During the Pandemic


changing schoolsAs a parent, August is always bittersweet. There is the end of summer and all its freedoms and the excitement surrounding a fresh start for the new school year. This year, the anticipation was heavier than usual, as all parents faced decisions about school that they never had to make. Does our school still work for our family? Should we learn remotely again? Should we go full-time? What about the hybrid model, does that work for us?

This year, we made a big decision to switch schools. We weren’t the only ones. Many people moved during the pandemic, and there will be many children staring at new faces this September. In a way, it’s a good time to change because all students feel new again. After almost six months away from the classroom, we’re all starting over again, and we’re all entering a form of schooling we’ve never encountered before.

Changing schools is a big decision, and we did not make it lightly.

We loved being a part of our old school community, and there are many things that we will miss. I’m learning that it’s ok to feel sad about leaving, but I’m redirecting our thoughts to what we’ll be gaining. We can now walk to our school. Our classmates are our neighbors, and we are looking forward to building stronger connections with our surrounding families. Our children already know a few of their classmates, and that will make things easier as well.

We’re also incredibly excited about the school itself. Our kids’ teachers are young and enthusiastic, and we are happy about the learning plan they are implementing this fall. We also feel confident about the school’s ability to teach remotely should things go in that direction again this year. The community has already been very welcoming, and I’m reaching out to the PTA so I can get involved (in whatever form that will be this year!).

As we move forward, we’re doing it with more excitement than fear. Many families are in the same boat as they navigate an entirely new way of learning this fall – whether it be with a new learning model or in a new school like us.

We’re also making an effort to keep old friendships by participating in sports with our old classmates and continuing our old Brownie troop. We’re trying to bridge the old with the new so that switching schools feels like growth rather than loss.

This year it will all be about flexibility and grace for our kids, for our teachers, for our schools, and even for us as parents. Change is hard, but all of us are facing some big changes this fall. We’re taking it day by day and looking forward to a new routine.

Did you switch schools or move to a new learning model this fall? How are you getting your family ready for the change?


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