Do You Have Summer Vision?

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vision boardOne of our favorite family activities on New Year’s Day is to create personal vision boards. However, now we will craft ONE family vision board that highlights how we will celebrate the summer season. Since this summer will look different than what most of us anticipated, we can shape our summer together by crafting a family-focused vision board. 

Why create a vision board? 

A vision board provides you with the opportunity to visualize goals each day, bringing you closer to them and them closer to you. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises! This thematic “summer” vision board highlights what is important to your family and allows you to surround yourselves with images that:

  • Make you happy,
  • Show what you want to accomplish together, and
  • Chart a course for where you want to go.

And what’s better than having a vision of and attracting what makes us happy? 

Set your sights on what you want as a family! Maybe now is the time to create and nurture that garden or build your own fire pit. Who wouldn’t love more s’mores? Think about where you want to go and what you will do when you’re there. For example:

  • At the beach, will you collect seashells? 
  • At the park, will you have a picnic and throw the Frisbee?
  • Or while you’re at the zoo, will you document the visit with photos taken by each family member?

For this fun family vision board activity, put on some upbeat music, grab snacks, and gather around the table. Sift through old magazines and then cut out photos, words, and phrases that capture what you want to do this summer. While you’re cutting out these images, share them with each other, and discuss your ideas. This activity is ideal for almost any age! My youngest started vision boarding at just three years old, and, throughout the year, he brings me images to save for his next vision board. 

Once you gather all of your words and images, arrange them on the board before you begin to secure them with glue. Your board could be a piece of cardstock or canvas. Invite the kids to help with the design. Consider adding your family name in letters or including family photos. Then hang your board where it can be seen often. From those images, you can also create and display your family adventure list

Set your family vision now and periodically check in with it throughout the summer and beyond. While the idea of a summer vision board was spurred by the pandemic, I think it will become another family tradition in our home.

Jennifer Bernheim thrives on serving purpose-driven families and businesses. As the founder of OnPurpose PR, a boutique public relations consultancy supporting companies that put purpose before profit, Jennifer launched OnPurpose Family, knowing that the same strategies could be used to assist families that want to create meaningful and purposeful connections with each other and their communities. In addition to consulting, Jennifer is actively involved in her community. She resides in Weston with her husband, three young children, and their dog, Charlie. 

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