the struggle is realYou can’t scroll through a day’s worth of social media posts without seeing #thestruggleisreal. What do you think when you see a mom use that hashtag? It’s often a hashtag to a funny post, like when your child cries about you breaking their banana in half and they wanted to eat it whole. But I think, for moms, it goes beyond the sarcasm.

#thestruggleisreal to be a mom. The constant voices in our heads have us questioning ourselves. We’re always trying to strike that perfect balance between being the mom we want to be, the mom that society and social media tells us we should be, and the mom we need to be for our own sanity.

#thestruggleisreal when all you want is to have a few minutes to yourself, but your children want your undivided attention. At the end of the day, when you want to put the kids to bed and relax, #thestruggleisreal to say yes to one more book and one more snuggle.

#thestruggleisreal when you need to get stuff done, and the only way to keep your children entertained long enough for you to do that is to put the TV on, but you know you should be limiting screen time.

#thestruggleisreal when you want to be the mom that plans crafts and activities for her kids all day long, but you’re tired.

#thestruggleisreal in deciding if you should go out for Moms’ Night Out or crash into bed and binge watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

#thestruggleisreal to treat yo self while also watching your waistline and your bank account.

#thestruggleisreal because we only have so many hours in the day and only so many hands, and what we have to get done is more than that.

Moms, we know #thestruggleisreal. Show us that you struggle, show us those raw moments. We are all struggling! The struggle IS real, no matter how much we may joke about it. The more we realize that others also have struggles, the better we can feel about our own. 

Please share with us how #thestruggleisreal for you!


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