3 Stress-Busting Activities for Moms


stress-busterI’ve been working hard to find the best activities to alleviate stress that work well for me. Maybe it’s age, or maybe it’s not leaving my house as often as I used to, but my stress level is at an all-time personal high. I’m fairly certain that this level of stress isn’t healthy. Lately, I’ve been working hard to find the best stress-busting activities that work well for me. 

1. Outdoor Exercise

This one has become especially important since working from home since I often work well into the nighttime. It helps to split up the day in the attempt of avoiding yet another Groundhog Day moment. The extra breathing and fresh air help to alleviate stress and prevents me from staying tightly glued to my work chair all day long.

2. Meditation and/or Deep Breathing 

I started this routine recently to help me split up and separate daytime and nighttime. It also seemed healthier to me than a nightly glass of wine. The meditation isn’t long. Only five minutes of deep breathing (2-4 second inhales + exhales). I was blown away by how amazing this feels. Five minutes to clear your head and focus on your breathing every day. It does wonders and makes sense why meditation can be so therapeutic. Five daily minutes to yourself sounds so simple. No distractions allowed.

I try to practice something enjoyable that brings me pleasure every night before bedtime. Ideally, the activity avoids screens, but it can be anything from listening to a podcast to reading a chapter of a book to scrolling through websites and fantasizing about my next vacation (when we can hopefully someday travel again).

3. Salt Cave Saturdays 

I used to indulge in the occasional massage or facial, but I haven’t jumped back in fully. Not sure if you’ve heard about the therapeutic benefits of salt? Salt caves are all around Fairfield County and are a great stress buster. (Newtown Salt Spa, Salt Cave of Darien, and Salt of the Earth, to name a few). If you can squeeze in 45 minutes one weekend to yourself, you must check one of these out. All you have to do is sit in solitude, think in solitude, and breathe in salt all by yourself for 45 minutes. It is mind-blowing and a total game-changer. I have brought my mini-me along as well for some mommy and me time.

What are some stress-busting activities that you do regularly to alleviate stress and decompress for some me-time? Fill those cups mamas!


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