A Reluctant Ode to the Rock N Play



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A Reluctant Ode To The Rock N Play

In the beginning,
I resisted to buy.
Your gaudy design
Was not keen to the eye.

But all of the girls
said it was a “top 5.”
A must-have for sleep,
and to keep mom alive.

So I searched for the one—
A vibrating sort.
With a fuzzy white lamb,
that was easy to port.

To my registry I went.
With a click you were on.
20% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

One baby shower later,
You came with a bow.
No assembly required.
Just pop open and go!

Then, the Big Day arrived.
And our bundle of joy.
We could finally test
this miraculous toy.

Lo and behold,
(just like everyone said)
when laid in the rocker,
he went straight to bed!

You cuddled him tight
(and prevented reflux).
Kept him down through the night,
Worth all 60 bucks!

Great during a cold
(at Grandma’s advice)
Your soft, soothing hum
was actually quite nice.

Now, he’s 6 months.
And 24 pounds.
If I leave him in there,
he’ll soon hit the ground.

So, I’m sad to say,
that the time has come
to fold up your legs.
Save you for the next one.

But when someone expecting
asks me which gear
is absolutely essential
I’ll talk off her ear…

This ugly gadget
won my glowing review.
I’m thrilled that I got one
and you should, too.


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