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Kids have the best imaginations. They are constantly talking, playing, and creating as they go about their days. That’s why all moms need to know about Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Real Good Play. A new Connecticut business catering to the young minds in our community. Appealing to the builders, dreamers, future architects and engineers. Sound boring? Do not underestimate the power of these simple, blue blocks. 

real good play
Photo Credit: Imagination Playground

I met owner, Frank Way, on a rainy, muggy morning. I had been introduced to him and communicated via email previously…but Frank in person…is simply awesome. A genuinely caring and passionate individual committed to kids learning, and making it fun.  He used to be a children’s television show producer, moved on to marketing and advertising, and then invested in this new business: Real Good Play.

Right on Frank’s brochure it says:

Play is the beginning of knowledge. – George Dorsey

real good playEvery Mom’s dream. A fun and engaging way to get the kids away from the screen. They are forced to use their imaginations to build, and learn how to communicate with their build-mates. The best thing – THEY get to make the rules. 

So…are you wondering yet…the who? The what? The where? The how? 

Let’s start here. Frank Way, founder of Real Good Play “features Imagination Playground blocks; which provide an interactive, transformable environment that prompt children to create a playspace of their own.”  

But wait…what are Imagination  Playground blocks?! 

Using Imagination Playground blocks, kids build a new world every day. They make objects like animals, rocket ships, and robots. They make imaginary places like houses, factories, and cities. They make new dramatic scenarios, settings, and games to play. Because Imagination Playground is child-directed and open-ended, it encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play.

These incredible loose, safe, clean, and durable blocks break all gender and social barriers. They span all ages, and: “encourage sharing, collaboration, exercises problem-solving skills, complex thinking, and allow creative self expression for children of all ages!” 

But, wait. I don’t think I’m doing these “blocks” justice. Frank came to my home during a play date with friends. There were four kids (three boys; 5, 4, 3 and one girl; 3) and they were going stir crazy from all the rain. Frank wheeled only half of his booty in and immediately the kids were engaged. First helping to “unpack” the blocks and then immediately beginning to build. Frank was amazing….standing back just watching the minds and imaginations unfold. Patient when altercations or sharing wars erupted, and helpful and encouraging in helping the kids to find a solution when they couldn’t reach, balance, or find the “right” piece.real good play

The coolest thing? REAL GOOD PLAY, DOES BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Oh. My. Gosh. You don’t have to rent that bounce house. You don’t have to leave your home. Do you have a back yard that is at least 15×15? Does your kid want to invite up to 20 kids? Guess what? You can actually enjoy a conversation during the birthday party with the other moms because your child will be so involved in building that you will forget they are even there.

Take it from me…our kids that played LOVED it…and I’ll definitely be booking Frank for a birthday party when my kids’ birthdays roll around. But you’re not limited to just birthday parties! Frank does school programs, library programs, camps, even CORPORATE events (the fun isn’t just for kids!). 

You can visit Real Good Play several ways:

Online: | Call: 917.887.5052 | Email: [email protected] | Facebook


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