Pick-Your-Own Fruit in Fairfield County


Summer fruit picking time is upon us! We are lucky to have several pick-your-own fruit farms and orchards in Fairfield County. Experienced moms have some advice to make your time on the farm enjoyable for you and your littles. The following is a list of suggestions to help make your visit to the farm or orchard go smoothly.

1. Plan outfits accordingly and pack the sunscreen.

I’m talking hats and sunglasses for everyone! It can be downright hot in the middle of a field with no shade in sight. Make sure everyone has proper sun protection. We also recommend no one wears white. It seems to go without saying, but I’m ashamed to say that I’m guilty of this.

I have one child with a major bug phobia, and we know bees love fruit. I make sure to spray her with bug repellant or stick a bug bracelet on her. Sometimes even just the peace of mind it gives her helps tremendously.

2. Bring wipes. 

This tip came from multiple moms. I never remember these things now that my children are not in diapers. Definitely something handy to have in your bag out on the field for sticky fingers and roughed-up knees. 

3. Bring cash. 

Some of the farms only take cash and don’t have ATMs. Come prepared; farms and orchards are usually in the middle of nowhere.

4. Call the berry hotline. 

Most farms and orchards have hotlines to tell you what pick-your-own fruit varieties to pick that day. Sometimes their websites or social media pages will have that info too. Be sure to check before leaving the house!

5. Go early in the day.

This is my advice for many summer activities with your children. Crowds are less, kids aren’t cranky yet (hopefully), and the weather is slightly cooler—a win-win for everyone.

6. Plan some recipes.

My children (tween and two teens) are more likely to enjoy the adventure when they know the yummy goodness to come afterward. The younger crowd likely won’t need as much convincing, but in my experience, it will help them to remember not to eat as they pick; save some! They all inevitably do, so don’t worry too much while out there. Just have fun!

Sadly not the first time I have worn white while picking fruit!

Farms and Orchards in Fairfield County to pick-your-own fruit:

Jones Family Farms at Valley Farm

555 or 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton, CT

Pick-your-own strawberries in June and blueberries from mid-July to late August. Call ahead for picking hours on the farmer Jones crop line.

Silverman’s Farm

451 Sport Hill Road, Easton, CT

Pick-your-own raspberries in late June; peaches in mid-July; blueberries in August; apples in mid-August. Call for picking times.

Beardsley Cider Mill & Orchard

278 Leavenworth Road/Route 110, Shelton, CT

Pick your apples on weekends in September and October. Friend them on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Summer fruit and the best months to pick your own in Fairfield County:

  • Strawberries June through early July
  • Raspberries mid-June through July
  • Blueberries July and August
  • Peaches July through September
  • Apples August through mid-October

What advice do you have for visiting the farms and orchards?


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