Get Over It: On Not Making Peace With My Mom Bod


mom bodWith summer in full effect, I have started to read the posts about how we all should be embracing our “tiger stripes” and jiggly bellies and the like. Let me be the first to tell you that I’m not on board with my mom bod.  But before you start hurling insults at me, please allow me to explain. If you happen to be one of those mamas who can rock that two piece in all your glory (tiger stripes or not), I say more power to you. However, I don’t have to like what my mom bod looks like, but I DO have to get over it.

Last summer, I was simply not pleased with my body. I love the beach and the pool, and I found myself avoiding them. I began to think about how I would feel walking around the pool deck in all my squishy glory. But then I realized that it wasn’t about how I felt. It was about my daughter having a wonderful summer. So guess what? I told myself to get over it. I told myself that if I felt uncomfortable, it was just too bad. My daughter would not miss out on summer fun because her mother was too embarrassed to put on a darn swimsuit

Do you know what happened the day I went to the pool in all my cellulite-filled glory? I actually enjoyed myself. My daughter won’t remember my chunky body, but she will remember me helping her fill up her buckets with water. She won’t remember that my thighs were touching, but she will remember using my legs as a platform to jump into the pool. She might not remember my thick arms, but she will remember me pulling her along in the ocean as she giggled with glee. People may have been looking at me, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t care. I refused to let my body issues impede on the time I spent with my daughter.  

So, no, I haven’t made peace with my mom body. I will never feel happy when I stare at it. What I WILL do is get over it and remember that it’s all about the fun and the memories. So mamas, you don’t have to love the skin you’re in or triumphantly flaunt your tiger stripes. You DO have to put on that swimsuit and get in that water with your kids. They will only be the age they are one time. My daughter will only be four this summer, and then it’s gone. My plan? Lather my less than perfect bod with some sunscreen and go have some fun!

How do you feel about your mom bod? 


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