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mommy brainA few weeks ago, I wrote a post describing the kind of mom I am (THAT mom). And not surprisingly, I forgot to mention I’m the kind of mom that forgets everything! I suffer from Mommy Brain Syndrome. According to Urban Dictionary, Mommy Brain is defined as, “The phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.”

Case in point, about a week ago I locked strapped my 17-month-old twins in their highchairs and my 3 and a half-year-old son in his booster seat in front of the iPad, so I could take a quick shower. As I was drying my hair, I noticed it was extremely knotty; my first thought was that I just forgot conditioner. Once my hair was almost totally dry (and extra shiny), I realized I had forgotten to wash my hair! Mommy Brain!

This was an all-time low for me until the next day when I forgot to attend one of my BFF’s first son’s baptism…a party that I had remembered to RSVP “yes” to. It was stuck in my mind that it was that following week, even though I wrote it on my calendar, and the invite was posted on the fridge. Mommy Brain (and worst friend ever)!

As a way to make myself feel a little bit better, and to be sure that I’m not totally losing my mind, I reached out to all my mommy friends on Facebook and asked them if they’ve ever suffered from Mommy Brain. Here’s what they had to say…

• Once I got into the shower, still wearing my glasses, and when they fogged up, I freaked out because I thought I was going blind or something.
• I can never find my wallet…like ever! The diaper bag is a black hole but, if it’s not in there, I’m convinced it’s lost forever. I always think I’ve left it at the last place I used it and even recently called a Dunkin Donuts, having convinced myself I left it there. It’s usually on the dining room table, or on my desk, or on the front seat of my car, but those are usually the last places I look.
• Just last week, I did two loads of laundry. Washed, dried, folded, put away, and then realized I didn’t put detergent in either load! Then I couldn’t remember which clothes I “washed” when I was trying to pull things off hangers or out of drawers to re-wash!!! Ruined my day!
• Once I put cumin in my coffee instead of cinnamon (yuck), and I’ve also put shaving cream in my hair and wondered why it didn’t lather.
• I accidentally brushed my teeth with Desitin.
• Each day, when I leave work, I put my phone in my purse. I always double-check that I put in my phone, but then can’t find it. So I start taking things out of my purse, and of course, my phone is right where I put it. Why can’t I remember to put it in a side pocket?
•, I would like to blame Mommy Brain for all my insane behavior, but I had it way before my daughter was born. Maybe teacher brain is a better excuse for me.

So there’s my proof that I’m not alone! All moms are super busy, overtired, and constantly on the go…no wonder we are so forgetful! Whether Mommy Brain is a real thing or not doesn’t matter….we all just need an excuse to help cut ourselves a little slack.

Do you suffer from Mommy Brain? We’d love to hear from you! Share your experience in the comments below!

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Michelle is the Owner and Editor of Fairfield County Mom and Westchester County Mom. She has spent her entire life in Fairfield County, growing up in Norwalk and now residing in Fairfield, CT. Michelle married her husband Chris in October of 2008. Before motherhood, she thought she was busy, but now life with her son Shane (March 2011), twins, Blake and Brynn (June 2013), Carl the French bulldog, and Hank the Lab; the meaning of hectic has been redefined! Michelle is also a working mom, teaching at a local public school. When she’s not doing laundry, creating lesson plans, and picking up toys, Michelle enjoys hosting her book club, watching Bravo TV, eating dark chocolate and enjoying an extra large glass of wine.


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