Mom Is the Quarterback


I recently had an evening meltdown, with heaving and panting, as though I’m a football player running for a touchdown, but the field keeps getting longer. I keep running; the end zone is always in the distance, never getting closer. The sun is blinding, and people keep grabbing me, trying to bring me to the ground, but I keep running. I shove everyone out of my way while struggling to breathe, but I never stop. Why am I running? My meltdown made me realize I needed to stop going at full speed. Mom is the quarterback, calling the shots, not doing all the running.

Mom is the quarterback. 

She’s in the game, right in the middle of it all, and the team is counting on her. Mom can’t control what everyone else does, only her own emotions and actions, but she sure can direct the plays, excite and motivate the team, and is the one everyone looks up to. Sometimes she gets sacked, and it’s going to happen, but she dusts herself off, learns from the mistake, and moves on. She’s the star player.

Dad/Spouse is the coach.

All quarterbacks need a coach in their corner. This doesn’t necessarily mean Dad, but someone who is there for you. This could even be your therapist, mom, or grandma. Someone who can guide you, cheer you on, and have your back. Sometimes you yell at each other and disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. It will help your relationship with your coach and, therefore, your team.

Friends are the offensive team.

Use your team! They are there to help; there is no success being on a team all by yourself here. I struggled for years with asking for help, playing the quarterback all by myself, thinking I could catch all the balls, run, and make all the touchdowns. We know that doesn’t work. Ask your team to help you, and yell if you have to. Boost each other up.

The kids are the defensive team.

This may seem harsh, but that defensive line can be tough. They want every piece of you for the entire game and never give up. They are so much a part of the game you are constantly worried about them but know the game wouldn’t be the same without them. You huddle with your offensive team on how to deal with them, and you and your coach make plans on how to avoid them. Leading us to the next…

Quarterbacks rest.

Quarterbacks take breaks and slow down. They don’t play the entire game; no one can do that! We can’t play every day all day and expect to perform well. Finding that rest is too important to skip and has to be a priority. We all have time for what is important to us. Make time to rest. You are important. This can look a bunch of different ways depending on your likes. I read, do yoga or meditation exercises and do crafts.

Your pet is the mascot.

They don’t talk, but boy, do they cheer you on! My dog is my mascot who is always on my side, ready for any adventure, and makes everyone smile. 

The press is the rest of the world.

They are there and serve a purpose for the rest of the world. Not everyone likes the quarterback. Don’t take it personally. You still have to get up every day and lead and be there for the team. Sometimes the outside noise can be a bit too much and try to whittle you down. It’s ok to ignore it to preserve your mental health. Focus on you and your team.

Mom life is like a football game, and you are the quarterback!


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