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A woman writing.

A woman sitting and writing.I am living my dream. For as long as I can remember, I have had this dream where I would be sitting on a terrace overlooking the park, sipping tea and writing. The topic I would write about has changed over the years, but this inner vision has never wavered.

I remember sitting in my office in the hospital in the midst of the earliest days of the COVID pandemic, dreaming that I could have that life. Truthfully, I have conceptualized more book ideas than I can count, yet never seem to get past page one or two, my anxieties and inner voice taking over and refocusing me back to my day job as a therapist helping others live their best life. The dream is always in the back of my mind, especially on a warm sunny day when my front porch looks all too inviting.

I was hesitant when I was initially approached to guest write and join the team as a regular contributor. That inner voice spoke up and kept saying, “But what do you have to contribute regularly?!” The other, louder voice was, “You aren’t even a mom yet!” But after thinking about it more, I knew it was the push I needed to start taking my dreams to the next step.

That said, after two guest posts on Fairfield County Mom, I suppose the time is right to formally introduce myself, as I am beyond excited to join this team of amazing women.

1. I am a therapist by day.

After many years in various healthcare settings and non-profit agencies, I recently opened my private practice. I have never been as exhilarated to wake up for work every morning as I am now. The joy I have for supporting women (and some men) through life transitions, fertility, relationships, and the like is something I never imagined possible.

2. I am not a mom…yet.

I have always been the “mom of the group” but don’t have my own children just yet. I am hopeful that one day soon, it will happen for me, and there will be more on that in future posts!

3. I am an excellent investigator.

Whether it is finding info on a friend’s Tinder date, what the best sunscreen is, the easiest way to childproof, or anything that involves finding out the details of random things, I am the ‘go-to’ of my friends and family.

4. On that same note, before all this, I also wanted to work for the FBI.

I went to grad school with the dream of focusing on the link between Forensics and mental health with the initial goal of wanting to be a criminal profiler; however, my limited physical activity and several old injuries that never healed well made the idea of field training and running after perpetrators beyond daunting. For now, I will stick with the town Citizen Police Academy, advocating for mental health and criminal justice initiatives and watching re-runs of criminal minds for my fix.

5. I can relate to hangry toddlers on another level.

I related so deeply as I watched my 16-month-old niece throw herself on the floor in a full-blown meltdown when lunch was a bit later than usual. My husband has learned that there are about 10 minutes from when I say, “I think I am a little hungry,” to total cranky monster. Don’t worry. I keep plenty of snacks in my bag to prevent my own meltdowns and those of small children in our party.

6. My interests are diverse, and I love sharing my findings with others.

Whether it is a new wine or recipe, cool restaurant, fun store or sale, interesting read, quiet beach, a new car, you name it, I want to try it out and am so excited to share the find with others the good, bad, and everything in between! Also, if I find something not for me but that I know someone else will love, I am the first to text, “Hey, did you hear about ____,” which happens at least a few times a week.

7. I have lived in five states.

RI, MA, AZ, NY, and now CT. As a true New Englander, I am happy to call Fairfield County our forever dream home. There is just so much to do and see with great proximity to just about everything I could want.

While I often find it challenging to bottle up all the pieces of me, this is the highlight reel. There is so much more that I hope to share in future posts, and I thank you for reading along on my journey of life, Fairfield County, and hopefully motherhood, living my dream. 


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