Love Your Postpartum Body


postpartum bodyThere is an unrealistic expectation of women to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies even before they enter the postpartum phase. It could be your own friends who brag about bouncing back weeks after they have had their little ones or social media pressuring us by constantly highlighting that you CAN bounce back if YOU put your mind to it.

Our bodies are incredible, and it is dangerous and unsettling that we stray away from the wonderful journey that our bodies went through to gift us our little ones. Instead, we set a standard, and this standard preemptively tells us that we are not enough after giving birth.

Your body is powerful at whatever weight it may be. You run around 15,000 steps a day doing squats from picking up the baby and toys. Folding laundry, pushing strollers, and packing your cars to get from one place to the other.

It’s time to start celebrating your postpartum body. It will not snap back overnight. So be kind to yourself. Be grateful for the hard work that your awesome body has done. Let us honor our bodies and help others honor theirs as well.

Be Kind

It sounds simple, but it might be the hardest part. Start simple because your new body may take some getting used to.

Try Not to Compare

We are all guilty of it, and postpartum body pressure is a thing. Let’s beat it, and that all starts with you.

Be Grateful and Proud 

You have achieved a lot. Let’s bask in it.

Take it Slow

Sounds easy. You took 10 months or a little less to bake this little human. Take all the time you need to get back to where you want to be.


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