I have a new love in my life…my Instant Pot


instant potIf you hang out with me long enough, you’ll realize how much I love to cook. If you help me with my kids you know how much time I spend in grocery stores. I usually rave about using a slow-cooker and how much I love it, but a new appliance has made its way to my heart. I’ll just say it –  “I’m in love with (and addicted) to my Instant Pot!”

I’m sure many people know a Beach Body coach. One of my good friends Margy Bailey at Honestly.Fit kept sharing how much she loved the Instant Pot and was sharing great recipes and tips. I decided after following all her delicious looking recipes, I needed to have one of my very own!

This handy tool is better than the Crockpot because it can slow cook, saute, and pressure cook. You can get the texture of slow cooked chicken in minutes rather than hours. You don’t need that extra pan to saute veggies and meat, you can do it right in the pot! Are you a terrible rice or quinoa maker? Not anymore, the Instant Pot cooks them perfectly. 

I’ve made quite a few delicious meals and I find myself using it instead of the stove, just because I can. I know I still haven’t used it to it’s full potential just yet. Margy has some great tips and tricks and I can’t wait to try them out!  She has also graciously agreed to help me share them here.

Margy’s 3 biggest takeaways from using the Instant Pot:

1. It really is the “FAST slow-cooker.”  Realizing you forgot to defrost the frozen chicken breasts earlier in the morning no longer means a guaranteed take-out meal! Most meals cook in a fraction of the time compared to using the stove/crockpot. Plus, you can cook everything in one pot and the food tastes amazing! Some meals, however, take about the same time as making them on the stove (due to getting to the cooking pressure), BUT, you don’t have to actually stand at the stove cooking. A HUGE win for me with 2 kids at dinner time!
2. Your meals come out the same way every single time! Hard-boiled eggs are perfectly cooked and the shells literally fall away when you peel them. Oatmeal? Creamy, delicious and never burned! Shrimp for a shrimp cocktail? Perfectly cooked in 1 minute. If you regularly burn food because you’re distracted while cooking, the Instant Pot meals will always taste amazing!
Shrimp before...
Shrimp before…
1 minute later
1 minute later
3. (Almost) ANY recipe can be turned into an Instant Pot recipe! Margy hosts an Instant Pot group on Facebook where she shares tips, recipes, and answers questions, so feel free to join!
Here are some of her favorite pressure cooking sites:
Margy also suggests, “As moms, we all want to give our families the healthiest food options, and with our hectic lives, dinnertime can really become a stress-point. I have found that taking time on Sunday to plan out the upcoming weeks’ dinners has helped so much. Knowing I won’t have to spend every night at the stove really has made dinnertime a lot more enjoyable!”

Take Aways

Instant Pots are awesome and the best kitchen appliance ever! If you’re convinced about how great it is be sure to put it on your holiday wish list. You can find a variety of Instant Pots on Amazon and send a link to your loved one so they can get it for you!

*This post is not sponsored by Instant Pot, Beach Body, or Amazon.




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