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Halloween Party

I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE Parties. I LOVE Crafting. You would think that all of these things would come together to create an epically awesome Halloween feast. However, I am but a mortal. Moreover, I’m a mortal with boring adult responsibilities that like to get in the way (yeah yeah.. I see you laundry!) And although I would rather conjure up a spell that would banish all these responsibilities from my life, I can only dream of a year when I will have time to make Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops. I mean, come on! Those are awesome! And shout out to all the moms and dads who are up until 3am making those adorable little critters.

In the meantime, I have put together this list of Easy Halloween Treats. Every year for our annual Carving Party, I set up a spooktacular spread. After all, what’s a Halloween party without something a little spooky to snack on. With one simple trip to the grocery store, all of these recipes can be made in one frantic hour.

Black Marker + Orange Paper Cup = {Pumpkin Snack Cups}

pumpkin snack cups

Do you have an orange cup and some duct tape (or black magic marker?), then you have yourself a Pumpkin Snack Cup! These are filled with a mix of cereal, candy corn, chocolate chips, and pretzels, but I’m pretty sure any combination of sweet and salty will do! Add a green piece of candy for a “stem,” to make these pumpkins come to life!

Bananas + Chocolate Chips = {Ghost Bananas}

ghost bananas

Step one: cut a banana in half.
Step two: create a face using chocolate chips
Step there: enjoy!

Quesadillas + Pumpkin Cookie Cutter = {Pumpkin Quesadillas}
Pumpkin Quesadillas
My kid LOVES quesadillas. We make them slightly more seasonal by cutting them into fun shapes with cookie cutters.

Carrots + Cucumber + Pumpkin Serving Tray = {Pumpkin Veggie Platter}

Pumpkin Veggie Platter
Simply spread a bag of carrots onto the serving tray. Next, slice up a cucumber to create the eyes, mouth, and any other jack-o-lantern pieces you feel inspired to include.

Apple Slices + Cups of Apple Dip = {Lazy Candy Apples}

Lazy Candy Apples
Candy apples are the quintessential Halloween treat. But, they are so complicated to make. All that melted candy, and the dipping, and the dripping. And, let’s not even talk about what happens when your kid goes to eat one. Lazy Candy Apples are so easy it’s ridiculous! Simply fill a small candy cup with apple dip, and serve with sliced apples. It’s all those amazing flavors of fall without the mess!

English Muffins + String Cheese + Sauce + Sliced Olives = {Mummy Pizzas}

Mummy Pizzas

I love festive treats that look complicated, but are really quite simple. These mummy pizzas can be created by using an English muffin. We created the “wrapping” by simply taking bands of cheese sticks to make your muffins into mummies.


Enjoy! Do you have any Halloweasy treats to add?

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