Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Fairfield County


family-friendly bike trailsThe end of summer and early fall are our favorite times to plan family day trips.

This year’s particular interest is family bike rides, as my three children are excited about testing out their bikes in various locations.

It is a great way to be active and spend quality time outdoors as a family. I also find this is a good opportunity to take a break from the weekly sports and school activities and get outside for a great workout for all of us. Also, Fairfield County is a great place to bike because of the beautiful and varied landscapes of hills, water, rocks, and forest.

Here are some trails and locations we have ventured out to and some on our list to try this year. There are various levels of difficulty and terrain noted below.

1. Mianus Maze Trail, Stamford: While this trail is kid-friendly, it is listed as moderate in difficulty due to inclines, rocks, and tree roots but is described as a good introduction to mountain biking.

2. Ridgefield Recreation Center Trails: This is an easier option with paved trails, so good for younger kids. The trail offers options for .19 miles, .24 miles, and 1.17 miles.

3. New Canaan Biking Trails: This site offers several different options as far as difficulty and length around the New Canaan area with specific road directions. It also mentions Hoyt Farms development for a shorter ride for younger kids.

4. Shelton Lakes Recreation Path: This path is just over two miles and relatively flat, so great for a range of ages and younger kids. There is a longer trail (about 11 miles) called the Shelton Lakes Greenway trail, and there is a map you can access.

5. Pequonnock Valley Greenway Rails to Trails: This trail is near Trumbull and is about five miles. There is a river view, and is very scenic and has various skill levels and ages, and it is a good spot for mountain biking.

6. Monroe Housatonic Rail Trail: This trail is approximately five miles, and the path is crushed stone. If you wish to venture out further on mountain bikes, you can continue on the Newtown trail.

7. Wilton Woods Mountain Biking Trail: A little more advanced because of the varied terrain and longer distance of up to nine miles. There are seven trail options listed with descriptions and degrees of difficulty.

Also, check out, where you can search by location for various routes, terrain, length, and difficulty of rides, and you can download maps of specific routes.

Biking is a favorite pastime of mine with my family and especially my father. We used to participate in long-distance biking events together. 

I hope one day we can set goals to participate in longer-distance bike events and day trips.

Since my youngest is only four, I find that some of these shorter routes will allow him to ride, and the bike seat is great for some of the longer family rides.

What are some of your favorite family-friendly bike trails in Fairfield County?


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