Double Digits and Double The Attitude


I sit here not really believing that my daughter, my first born, will turn 10 this month. How is it possible that I became a mommy a decade ago? I remember when I turned 10 and was so excited about the fact that my age was finally in the double digits. My daughter has the same kind of excitement brewing. What she also has brewing is a double dose of attitude.

Let me just clarify that I love my daughter. She is sweet, caring, funny and smart but oh my gosh when the attitude comes out it comes out full force. I never realized eyes were physically capable of going back in the head so far. When I tell her that they could get stuck that way, I’m actually worried that they will.

The infamous eye roll

Double The Sibling Rivalry 

There is a big age difference between my daughter and her younger brother. When he was first born this worked out perfectly. She loved on him like a little mother and every milestone he hit she was just as excited as we were. Now? There is constant bickering between the both of them. She can come out with some cruel things. Even something so small as asking him simple addition questions (she KNOWS he doesn’t know the answer – she just wants to correct him). The fun of sitting down and playing together has definitely worn off. She gets home from school, puts on some headphones and basically tunes him (and me) out.

She also has moments where she does throw him a bone. Every now and then she will read him a book at bedtime or give him a kiss on the head when she thinks no one is looking. The best is when she just says, “Do you want to go upstairs and play?” It lights up his whole world. I also know that while she can give him a hard time, she will throw down with any other kid who thinks they can pick on him.

Double The Contempt For Mom and Dad

I truly thought I had a few more years before our daughter felt like we know nothing. Alas, that’s not the case. I remember thinking the same thing when I was a kid. However now I realize that it’s not that my mom didn’t know what I was talking about, like me currently, she just doesn’t care! I’m first to admit that some of things my daughter tells me or shows me I can care less about (I mean you can only watch kids with fake British accents play video games so much). There are things that I’m pretty well versed on that my daughter thinks I know nothing about. My husband and I will get the standard “Mommmmma” (now I know why it drove my mom crazy when I added an “a” to everything I said). Her favorite word has also become “whatever.” Anyone else just want to smack their kid upside their head when they say that word? (Side note – we don’t).

Double The Joy…Sometimes

My daughter, while willful, is also one of the kindest friends I’ve met. I wish I knew her when I was a kid. She is the most caring friend someone could ask for. She stands up to bullies – not just for herself but other kids. My proudest moment this year was when a mom of a classmate emailed me. Her email said that my daughter stood up to the class bully when he was picking on her son. She came right to his defense and then went and told the teacher. I’m still greeted with a massive hug and kiss every time I show up at her school. I always get an “I love you Mom” when I’m leaving no matter how many of her friends are around. She asks her dad if he could take her out on a dinner date. She still yells, “I love you Jack,” every night to her brother before he goes to sleep.

As she gets older I know the problems will get bigger and the attitude stronger (I don’t even want to think about the teenage years). I also know that no matter how hard she pushes back, no matter how hard she tries to be right, she will always be my little girl and I love her with all my heart; attitude and all.



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