Celebrating National Teddy Bear Day


A boy hugging his teddy bear.I have to say that National Teddy Bear Day is one of my favorite random holidays. I know my life is better in many ways because of my faithful teddy bears who supported me throughout my youth. 

I got my first teddy bear at age two, and he was bigger than me. At first, I was afraid of this large creature. But when my aunt suggested that the monsters under the bed might be afraid of him, too, I realized that we should be friends so he could keep me safe.

While Buttercup was my first teddy bear and true love, I collected many over the years. I had a Santa Bear, and I had a panda bear. I even got myself a bear after a particularly rough breakup in my late teens. No matter what was going on, I had a bear helping me through it. 

As an adult, many of my bears were donated to local charities or relegated to the guest room or a storage Tupperware. We all know teddy bears on your bed won’t help you get a date. But I sometimes found that I missed my fuzzy friends.

But with the birth of my children, I found a reason to bring them back out of storage. My bears have been dusted off and are now protecting my children. 

And that is the beauty of a lovey like a teddy bear. They can help you survive life’s ups and downs. A good bear snuggle will dry away your tears and help you sleep through the night. Your bear can join you in your backpack to school when you have to leave your parents behind. You can tell them your secrets, and they always are great listeners. Honestly, teddy bears are the best. 

So if you are like me and have had a special teddy bear in your life, brush it off and give it an extra hug today, in case you feel you needed a good reason. 

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Erika is a professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies and mom to two kids (2010 and 2013) plus two cats (2005 and 2019). A Midwestern transplant who has lived in 32 places, she has happily called Fairfield her home for the past 12 years. At work, she directs a program to support first-generation and underrepresented student success in science. In town, she can often be found driving her kids back and forth to their respective sporting events and teams or sitting in a coffee shop using the wifi to get a little work done before pick up. Erika loves spending time enjoying the water, cooking, theater, reading, and hanging out with her husband.


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