The Car Dreams Are Made Of: Volvo XC90

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Last month, thanks to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, I borrowed a Volvo XC90 for the weekend, and it is an absolute dream to drive!

First, the car is a head-turner. When I pulled into the dealership’s parking lot and saw the XC90 I would be taking, my jaw dropped. It’s beautiful. When shopping for a vehicle suitable for a family of five, you don’t always get that wow factor. This is not true at all about the Volvo.

It stands out; it is smart and stylish, and I certainly felt like I was driving in luxury all weekend.

As a family with two working parents, we are very busy.

Our weekends are spent running errands and bringing kids to activities, so that’s a lot of time in the car. Now that my kids are a bit older, the 6-passenger worked perfectly! With just one car seat to install and two boosters, my oldest child easily walked between the captain’s chairs to and from the third row. Not needing to climb over siblings in the second row makes school or activity drop-offs a breeze!

The functionality and space in the trunk are also a huge plus for me. Just running my foot under the car to open and close the trunk is such a simple but immensely helpful feature for a mom who usually has her hands full. There is also plenty of room for strollers, groceries, or sports equipment.

As I write this, it is so hard to decide what exactly is my favorite feature.

When I dropped the car off on our final day, Kristy, the Sales Concierge at Riley Volvo, and I discussed how hard it is to choose the best part of the XC90. Overall, the fact that it is safe and practical while also being comfortable and extravagant really makes me feel like this car fits any busy parent’s lifestyle.

What wins me over is how user-friendly and easy it is to control and drive.

Some of the features that make driving the XC90 an enjoyable experience are the different driver profiles. You can set everything from seat preference to the look of the dashboard and radio stations for up to three drivers. I also love that everything is digital; for example, speed limit and school zone signs will pop up on the dash. My husband and I both are fans of the wireless phone charger, and my top two are the lane-keeping aid and the seatbelt notification. My seven-year-old and six-year-old both buckle themselves in, and this feature gives another level of peace of mind. All three of my kids have expressed that the sunroof has them sold; it opens across the full length of the car.

Every time someone asks me about the Volvo, I say that I can talk about it all day, which is totally true!

Riley Volvo Cars Stamford and the Volvo XC90 are at the very top of my list when I am in the market for a new SUV! And, not just because I love the car, but because Riley Volvo cares so much about serving the community of Stamford and beyond, focusing on families. It is clear when you walk into the showroom that they want their customers to feel at home. Kristy is welcoming and friendly and showed my children right to the play area while we waited.

Purchasing a vehicle should be a fun and exciting experience, and I cannot imagine it being anything but at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford.

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