A Boy Will Grow in Brooklyn {But His Aunt Will Live in CT}


I am many things — wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, friend, etc…As I’ve grown older, some of these titles have remained the same {sister, daughter}, but some have changed.  I am now someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter-in-law.  There is one title, however, I don’t have, yet have longed for.  And that title is…aunt.

My sister, Lauri, became an aunt before I did.  She married into a family where her new brother-in-law and his wife already had two chidlren.  Then, when my son was born two years ago, she became “Aunt Lala”, and just like that, she was an aunt to three and I was aunt to none.  Despite my jealousy, my sister has been extemely loving and caring with my son, and I look forward to the relationship that will develop between the two of them as he gets older.

photo (5)
Dean and Lala on his Baptism day.

Much to my excitement, Lauri is pregnant with her first baby and due towards the end of May.  She will become a mother to a little boy and this happy little boy will live in Brooklyn.  And I will get to be his aunt!  I am taking this job very seriously.  I get to be that cool adult and cofindant that he can look up to, I get to spoil him with love and presents – all of the fun stuff!

Plus, as exciting as it is for me to recieve a new title in our family, I am equally excited that my son to receive a new title, too — cousin!  I have visions of these little boys making lots of mischief together in the coming years.  But, since Baby will be living in Brooklyn, I am a little sad that I won’t get to see him as regularly as I’d like and that the little mischief makers won’t get to play with each other as often as I’d like.

As for me, I guess I’ll just have to wait another twenty days or so to officially earn my new title of  “Aunt Amy”.  I am so excited to spend my summer jaunting off to Brooklyn for visits to the park and trips to walk around the bustling city.  I can’t wait for my nephew to make his appearance in this world so I can shower him with love.

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  1. Being an aunt is awesome. I have two nephews, but they live in DC. The youngest is almost 9 months old and we haven’t even had a chance to meet him yet. Trust me, Brookyn isn’t THAT far away. 🙂 Happy aunt days to come!


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