203 Rainbow Hunt


We are currently living in a situation we’ve never experienced before. It’s a little confusing, scary, frustrating, and who knew being home all day could be exhausting. To help us get through this, we need to flip the conversation. It’s amazing to have some time to slow down, have family dinners, and go out on family walks. By changing our perspective, it will help a lot of us get through this uncertain time.

Another way to try to keep looking for all those positive things is to find what we can do rather than what we can’t. And what we certainly can do is find rainbows throughout this storm. One mom from Orange and another from Weston, who are both originally from upstate New York, were inspired by Capital Region’s “518 Rainbow Hunt”  and decided to bring the rainbow hunt here to the 203.  rainbow hunt

You may be wondering, what is a rainbow hunt? Well, it is creating and crafting rainbows, finding them in nature, or seeing one posted on a neighbor’s house or business’ windows. Once you find a rainbow you’d like to share, you can take a picture and post it to the Facebook Group 203 Rainbow Hunt. Add #203RainbowHunt and put what town you’re in, what business has them, or what street you are near (no specific addresses please). You can do the same on Instagram too! Others following the group can be on the lookout for rainbows you have posted on their walks or drives.

Finding the rainbows is another way that those of us who aren’t on the frontlines right now can share light and love with those that are and another way for all of us to connect, through a literal “Rainbow Connection.”

We have created a Fairfield County Moms Blog printable for you to use and hang from your window showing your support. Click #203rainbowhunt to print!

Happy Rainbow Hunting!


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