What I Cherish (and Dread) About the Holidays Now That I Have Kids


Now that I have kids, my approach to the holidays is completely different! I wouldn’t call myself a Grinch per-say, but I never fully embraced the magic of the holidays pre-kids. Now that my twins are 3, and can really appreciate the excitement of the season, so can I! I find myself getting more festive with each passing year. On the flip side, however, there are some things about my new favorite season that I’ve come to dread.

Cherish: My kids getting into the magic of the holiday
I love how excited they are the weeks leading up to the big day! Each year, they are understanding a little bit more and can partake in the fun!

Dread: Answering all of their questions
“How does Santa fit down the chimney?” “Do reindeer really fly?” They are wise for their years and beginning to question everything!

Cherish: Experiencing the day through their eyes
Whether we are watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, spending time with their cousins, or ripping presents open on Christmas morning, experiencing these moments through their eyes makes them extra special.

Dread: Planning/Family Dynamics
Behind the scenes, there is a lot of planning that the kids don’t see. The divorced parents and extended family tug of war is at its peak now that we have kids! Everyone wants to see us. Every year is a battle. Christmas in Hawaii next year!?

Cherish: All of the local holiday events
I am now that mom who signs up for every photo sessions with Santa, every tree lighting, etc. My Facebook is filled with holiday events that I’m “Interested” in. I wouldn’t want the kids to miss out on one ounce of holiday fun!

Dread: The Crowds
Enough said!

Cherish: The excitement my kids get over baking cookies, holiday crafts, etc.
Never did I think I’d become a baker. I’m even considering buying a ginger bread house kit this year (gasp!)

Dread: The mess and the cleanup
Whether it’s glue, glitter, or icing, my initial reaction to any holiday project is dread. My twins especially LOVE to help in the kitchen. At the age of 3 you can guess how much help they really are (sarcastic eye roll).

Cherish: Watching my kids rip through their presents Christmas morning
The joy on their faces! There’s nothing like it!

Dread: The bills
Every year we say we’ll take it easy on gifts and every year my Amex begs to differ.

Cherish: Holiday Cards
Sending out cards was never on my radar pre-kids. Now, I schedule professional photos every fall. I shop around for the best deal on printing and get joy out of hearing our friends and family “ohh” and “ahh” over the finished product.

Dread: All of the addressing!
I think it’s time to invest in pre-addressed envelopes!

Cherish: My new-found love for holiday decorating
I now make it my mission to switch up our home decor each season. I find it especially fun to “deck the halls” in November and December. (Think less Clark Griswold and more Joanna Gaines). Thank you, Instagram, for more inspiration than I could ever need!

Dread: Again, the price tag that comes with having the perfect trees, garlands, etc.
The employees at Home Goods know me by first name!

With the holidays speeding towards us, I’m making a pledge this year to focus on the good rather than the bad. I know that a perfect holiday is never obtainable and am going to try not to burn myself out like I did last year. Cheers to a happy season filled with moments you’ll cherish!

What parts of the holiday season do you cherish and dread?


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