Rain, Shine, or COVID-19: Other Ways to Still Celebrate Halloween


celebrate HalloweenMany of our children, and maybe even some of us adults, look forward each year to the festive holiday of Halloween. We look forward to getting dressed up and dazzling ourselves in fun and creative costumes. And let’s not forget the candy, one of the most exciting treats that most children look forward to. Who can get the most candy? How fast can we walk (or run) to the next neighbor to ring the bell in hopes for lots more?

Unfortunately, this year coronavirus seems scarier than Freddy Kruger right now. If we cannot celebrate Halloween in the usual ways, either by choice or because the town cancels Halloween, then I have some ideas that may work for your family.

On the Move

  • Dress up, and parade around your neighborhood to show off your awesome costumes. You could parade by foot or even decorate your bike or scooter.
  • Create a Halloween float by using a wagon and attach balloons and other decorations. Then sport it around your desired neighborhood.
  • Make “boo bags” filled with candy, stickers, and pencils. Then drop them in front of your friends front door, ring the bell, and run. (A good tip is to first text with the mom to make sure you pick a time where the kids will be home).
  • Coordinate a “Trunk or Treat” with your friends and pick a location that works for everyone to be able to have a safe candy exchange.  

Inside The House

  • Coordinate a virtual Zoom dance party for your kids. They can invite their friends and dress up in a theme that they love. Maybe they are into super heros or a specific character or show. Or they want to be silly with crazy hair or make up.
  • Bake some cupcakes and decorate with your favorite toppings such as sprinkles or googly eyes.
  • Pick out some scary (or non-scary) movies to enjoy with popcorn and your family!
  • Create a candy hunt in the house for your children. You can hide a bunch of their favorite candy bars or snacks, and then they have to find them!
  • Find some scary games to play with your children! You can look for board games or even create trivia questions that you can ask regarding movies or TV shows.

Other Fun Ideas

  • Carve pumpkins with a neighbor or just with siblings. You could even have a pumpkin decorating contest.
  • Decorate the outside of your home and yard. Go on a hunt in the neighborhood to explore everyone else’s decorations too.
  • Check to see if any local farms are doing corn mazes this year!
  • Find an amusement park that may be doing a haunted Halloween event!

Although 2020, has proven to be a huge challenge, we can still be creative as parents. As we hope for our typical Halloween fun of trick-or-treating, it is also great to keep other options in mind.


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