Wanderlust During Quarantine: Dreaming of Escape and Travel


wanderlust during covidAfter many difficult days and winter settling in, I often find myself daydreaming about being far away from the same walls that have sheltered my family and me over this past year.

While I am so grateful to have my home that has served as a haven during these tough days, months, and year, the need to escape has expanded like a balloon ready to explode.

At the end of a challenging day this past week, with the kids screaming and the dog barking incessantly, I crept out through the sliding door in my kitchen and onto my back porch, seeking a moment of serenity. Amazingly, although short in duration, I discovered a moment of zen and mental escape.

As I reclined on the patio chair with a glass of wine in hand (which always helps!) I glanced up at the sky and saw a jet gliding through the clouds, leaving a trail of white-puffed smoke.

Wanderlust overtook my thoughts, and I was left dreaming about where the jet was going, and if I was on it, where in the world would I want to go.

Of course, reality snapped me back to the present situation like a quick slap to the face. However, as the days continued to push ahead with the threat of the coronavirus still hanging around like a dark cloud, I can’t help but mentally escape to a time where the virus does not exist and the freedom to travel without worry is a reality.

In the hope of better days ahead, and with the ability to dream of an escape to new lands, here is where I would want to go.

I included lists of destinations with and without kids to include family time and just simple and much needed time away with my husband:

Dreaming of these adult getaway locations:

1. Almafi Coast: Located along the southern coastline of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, this place has been a dream location of mine for years. These days, I cannot stop thinking about being whisked away to such a beautiful and peaceful place for some much-needed rest and relaxation. The terrain includes steep cliffs and beaches as part of a quaint fishing village. I’m sure the cuisine is exquisite.

2. Australia and New Zealand: The mystery and landscape of these countries have always sparked my desire to travel and explore. Due to the long travel and the long days of exploration, I chose this as an adult-only trip. I came across this link from National Geographic as I was daydreaming, and the Expedition Overview sounded like quite an adventure, and one I hope to experience one day. 

3. Croatia to Greece Sailing Expedition: Another fantasy trip that I stumbled upon when searching for a dream vacation. It is tempting to think about being out on the crystal-blue water for a sailing adventure between these two beautiful countries. Here is the website that inspired me.

4. Hawaii: This is somewhere that I’ve never been but have always wanted to go. It would also be an awesome family destination, but I put it in this category because of the long travel and the desire to do lots of hiking and long days of exploring.

5. Barcelona, Spain: This is one location that I have visited but would love to return to with my husband. There is so much to admire, and it is a very beautiful city from an architectural and artistic standpoint. Also, there are beautiful beaches that are very accessible from the city and fantastic food.

Here are a Few Family Destinations:

1. Caribbean: After a tough year, a vacation as a family out in the sun and sea of the Caribbean would be ideal, and the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands first come to mind with plenty to do outdoors or relax by the pool and ocean.

2. Yellowstone National Forest: For a more adventurous and active trip, this is a place I have always dreamed of taking my family and would also be a great learning experience. Again, National Geographic online has great resources and information. What most sparked my interest was the wildlife safari and the raft ride down the Snake River.

3. Drive down the California coast: A beautiful road trip with lots of sightseeing. Check out this website, which offers an article entitled “Adventure Behind the Wheel: Guide to 9 Nights on the Road.”

4. European vacation: My daughters’ top picks are sightseeing all of the main attractions in London and Paris. This would be a full vacation in and of itself, but one day I would love to take them to Italy and explore Rome, Florence, and Tuscany. Hopefully, one day this dream will be a reality.

5. Arizona and Utah: an expedition to explore, discover, and hike a few national parks. Once again, National Geographic offers information about a great tour of the Grand Canyon, and Zion and Bryce Canyon.

When you find yourself daydreaming about travel, where in the world do you most want to go?


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