I Vow to Have More Fun


having more funI like to pride myself on being a pretty fun person. In my opinion, I’m a fun parent, and, even with my own friends and family, I’m always ready to have a good time!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a homebody. I suppose this is normal. We’re more tired with kids, we don’t have the freedom to come and go as we please, and I like enjoying the house we’ve turned into our home. In the early days of having my two oldest kids, I would still try to do as much as possible. Once the third came along, I gave up.

When we were fully in the throes of having three babies, my husband and I would talk a lot about all the things we would do when the kids got a little older, and we would have more money. At the beginning of 2020, we even started venturing out, making lists of places in the state we wanted to check out, restaurants to try, activities to do with the kids and on our own, and we booked a couple of vacations.

For obvious reasons, a lot of those plans never came to fruition. And, maybe not being able to do much has forced me into a bit of a funk.

Occasionally, when the weather is good, we still try to get out and have some fun experiences. I’m finding, though, that it takes a lot out of me! The thought of getting everyone ready and out the door takes me back to the years of trying to leave the house with three kids aged four and under.

Since I need to get over this funk, recently, my husband and I have started talking about planning some more fun activities, and I have started thinking about all the things I really want to do! I know that some of these things will have to wait, and that’s okay.

One of the lessons I learned from our new way of living is not to put the planning of fun things off. Big things or small things alike because there may come a day where we won’t be able to do them!

I want to get in the car and go! I want to make sure that we are all experiencing each day to the absolute fullest. I want to worry less about schedules and bedtimes and worry more about my kids getting everything they can out of life. I will stop telling myself that I’ll do that when the kids get older because, why? Let’s do it now. The same goes for me! I really haven’t experienced half of what I’d like to yet in this life.

I’m holding myself to it. I’m vowing to have more fun! How hard can that really be? When all is said and done, I’ll be more grateful than ever that we made memories.


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