The Volvo XC90 – A Stylish Upgrade

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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Volvo XC90 from Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. This vehicle is certainly a style upgrade from my Honda Pilot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Pilot, but it was very nice to experience more of a luxury feel in a family car.

Driving a Volvo was a nostalgic experience for me. My first car was a (very used) black Volvo sedan. Actually, if I’m being honest, my parents gifted me my dad’s used Volkswagen Golf on my 16th birthday, complete with a ribbon and bow. After about three months of driving it around the neighborhood, they had a change of heart and decided to trade it in for a safer car. Perhaps it was my less-than-perfect driving skills or the fact that the Golf was a stick shift and the Volvo was automatic. Either way, I was in love. It drove me through the rest of high school and college before they sold it when I moved permanently to New York City. By then it was in pretty rough shape. But it was a great and very safe first car.

My early 90s (or late 80s) Volvo wouldn’t even recognize itself in the XC90. The car has serious curb appeal and all the bells and whistles I could imagine.

My friend has one and asked me if the one I was driving had the massage seats. What?! The one I drove did not, but the fact that that’s even a thing is incredible.

My favorite features were the alerts that show you the speed limit and make you aware of school zones. Obviously, we should all know these things as drivers, but the extra alert is a nice feature. I also love all the technology including the wireless charging capacity for cell phones. 

My daughter loved the fact that there were little lights above the back seat windows – perfect for avid readers. She also thought that the cup holders in the back seat were superior. My son thought that the extremely wide and long sunroof was amazing. And the two-year-old just thought it was fun to be in a new and different car for a few hours.

Truly, everything about this car feels intuitive, comfortable, and sleek. Next time we buy a new car we will journey down to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford and leave in luxury!

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