College Counselor in a Folder


As September approaches and moms think about school and the college process, stress can creep in. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some guidance and a place to keep track of all the things our child needs to stay organized throughout the process?

Enter The Edwin – a folder designed by VentureMom Candice Frankel. Spending twenty years as a high school college counselor before starting her own firm, Candice has honed a system for high schoolers searching for the right college. She says, “I believe kids should start early to figure out what their interests are and then find a college that fits their style. This is better than deciding on a school first and then hoping it meets the interests and learning style of the student.”

The Edwin’s name comes from a shortened version of educational winners. It provides a plan for streamlining the process for students. Each pocket of the folder contains inserts that outline tips and guidelines to de-stress and de-mystify the entire exercise. Candice’s goal is to empower teens to take control of the process of finding the right school themselves. (Moms love this!!!!)

As an added bonus, when moms order the folder for their children from the Marketplace, not only will they get free shipping, but also they will get a free resume template. So get your children The Edwin today and let them take control of finding the perfect college. Phew! Moms feel better already knowing they have a tool that can lead their children to the right college with The Edwin.


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