Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


I have to admit that I used to be a bit of a Valentine’s Day hater, even when I was in a relationship. After all, is there really only one day per year when love should be celebrated? Having said that, after careful consideration, I think Valentine’s Day is a pretty great way to remind yourself how much you love all the people in your life, especially your spouse. If you’re a single mama, I’ve got some ideas for you too! The Valentine’s Day Date can mean just about anything you want it to mean.

Go Out to Dinner: A classic move of the traditional couple is the date out on the town. Maybe you get a sitter, get dressed up and paint the town red (hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!) while sipping champagne out of a heart-shaped glass.  Good for you! Let me let you in on a little secret…the day before is pretty cool too. Last year, hubby and I decided that if we were going out to enjoy our date, we were going to do it on February 13th. We were sure that the restaurants would be empty, there would be no rush, and we could still celebrate the holiday. My secret to this is really a two-night celebration. See, I get to go out the night before, get dressed up, and have a dinner out at my favorite restaurant. On February 14, I get a night at home with hubby and baby, while enjoying some snuggle time and watching a movie. See what I did there? Good times.

Gourmet Meal
Gourmet Meal

At-Home Date: Some of you absolutely love an at-home date, while others cringe at the thought of having to cook and clean on your special night. I have a solution for both of you. For those of you that love to cook, by all means make the next fabulous seven course meal complete with the chocolate lava cake. For those of you that don’t, there are a few options. Many local chefs would be happy to come and cook you a beautiful and romantic meal in the comfort of your own home! The best part about that is that the chef will clean up your entire kitchen afterward. I know you’re getting excited about this. You can tailor the meal to your specifications and even include the kiddies if you wanted to have a family meal. There are a few sites out there now that help you locate a local chef like Hire a Chef. Even easier is to take to your local Facebook groups and ask for some local chefs who cook meals at home to your specifications. I’ve seen quite a few out there in Fairfield County.

Try Something New Date: Always wanted to take a cooking lesson? Never been on ice skates before? Try it out! Getting together with your partner to try something new is fun. Even if you decide that you didn’t actually enjoy the lecture on the mating habits of worms quite as much as you thought you would, both you and your partner can laugh about it at another time. Go out there an take some risks (not too risky, of course) and try something new. TOGETHER.

Love Birds

Date Yourself: Growing up in a single-parent household, I was always painfully aware of the ways my mom couldn’t fully participate in certain events or holidays. This was one of them. Single mamas, I feel your pain! Therefore, I bring you the self-date. Selfie-date? That might be something entirely different. Single moms, you are doing double duty and Valentine’s Day is a great day to take yourself on a date. That means order yourself a nice meal, binge watch your favorite show, give yourself a manicure, or even buy yourself a box of chocolate! If all that stuff isn’t appealing to you, then focus your energy on the loves of your life. Have a nice meal together, make some crafts, and just enjoy these little creatures who undoubtedly feel that YOU are the love of their lives!

Host a Red Party: I had a friend who did this a few years back and I thought it was a pretty cool idea! Single, married, kids, no kids, everyone was invited to wear red and celebrate love! Of course, you could do this with your own family, extended family, neighbors or friends. It really depends on what kind of party you would like to have. The drinks can be red (think wine for adults and fruit punch for the kiddies), foods can be red (pepperoni pizzas, red velvet cupcakes, beet salad for the vegetarians, etc.), and all of your guests should come dressed in their favorite red clothing. If your motto is, “The More the Merrier” this party might actually work wonderfully for you!

Hot Cocoa is necessary

Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day: There are far too many events to list on this page, but each and every library across Fairfield County has something going on for this day of love. Most include a drop-in craft and some type of story time, so check your local library’s website for times and information. Local museums and nature centers often have special events like the Teddy Bear Tea Party at the Stamford Nature Center or The Winter Wonderland Ball at Stepping Stones. Grab a hot chocolate before or after the event and celebrate!

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, the only requirement is that it is spent in the company of a loved one.

How do you like to spend your Valentine’s Day?



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