You Little Love Bug: Valentine’s Day Craft


I call my daughters “love bugs” a lot…So often that my three year old sometimes calls her baby sister “you little love bug!” So, in our house, this was a perfect theme for a Valentine’s Day craft!


I pre-made a PDF template, because I think that the best way to approach crafts with a toddler or pre-schooler is to prep everything ahead of time (and then I usually hide it all until we’re ready!). My daughter would rather not wait and watch me freehand a bunch of wings and heart-topped antennae; she’d much rather get started.

Speaking of getting started, to make your own love bugs, you only really need this PDF template (preferably printed on colored cardstock), toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls, scissors, and glue.


Some fun ways for your little one(s) to customize their love bugs may include: googly eyes, craft tape, stickers, crayons and/or markers. We used all of the above!

The template is two pages to make two “bugs”, each with slightly different wings. I printed one page on pink paper and one on red paper, because I thought that we could mix and match parts (of course, my daughter had other plans). She decorated all of the parts before we hot glued her love bugs together. Lastly, we added googly eyes and a smile. Ta-da!

Looking for some more DIY Valentines ideas? Check out our “I Love You Bear-y Much” cards from last year, and Shannon’s “Homemade Valentines”.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day craft?


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