Vaginal Health and Food


vaginal healthOn a daily basis, I think about food choices and how they affect my body, but I also have to think about how food affects my vaginal health. 

Growing up, there wasn’t much of a conversation around my vagina. I got the basics on how to keep it clean, that I would have a period, and to watch out for any weird color discharge or odor. That’s about it.

So let’s talk about good food for our lady bits, or I should say VULVA. (I am a big advocate for saying the correct name for our body parts). When I think of foods or superfoods, I think about glowing skin, feeling my best, and healthy nails. But the one thing I rarely ever share is how is the food that I am consuming benefits the very thing that made most of us mothers or women. 

*This is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor and nutritionist should you feel the need to follow any of my advice.*

Here are some foods I eat that are specific to a healthy vagina.

Pre and probiotics, nuts, healthy fats, avoiding processed foods, avoiding sugar, and staying hydrated are basic healthy choices that your body will thank you for.

  • Avocado: Healthy fat, rich in nutrients
  • Cranberry juice: Supplements or unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Cheese: Healthy bacteria (or maybe this is just an excuse because I love cheese)
  • Green tea: Helps prevent yeast infections
  • Leafy greens: Helps avoid vaginal dryness and increases circulation
  • Sweet potato: Improves vaginal lubricant

There are so many good foods. Unsweetened yogurt has naturally occurring lactobacillus bacteria. Sauerkraut or kimchi both have naturally occurring bacteria if you are not a fan of yogurt. 

COFFEE, oh yes, I said it. As a coffee lover, I must admit that it has come up in my research many times that coffee can potentially cause your pH to become imbalanced. How do I combat this? Improve my intake of water. It’s all about balance, don’t you think?

No matter what I eat, improving the intake of water and sleep can be two of the most important daily steps towards a healthy vagina.

Do you think about your vagina and how the foods you eat affect its health?


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