Upgrading From Crib to Big Bed in 658 Easy Steps


Moms are pretty good at over-thinking even the most basic of tasks. “Should I get her the two-piece pajamas or the footie pajamas? Her feet sometimes get cold. But she also gets sweaty when she sleeps…” And on and on and on; a Mom can circle this decision for a good 30 minutes in Carter’s. I recently decided to upgrade my 4 year old from her open crib bed to a twin bed. This is the actual thought process that I went through over the past month. Welcome to my head.

The 658 Steps of Upgrading from Crib to Big Bed

Step 1: Realize that the child’s feet are hardly covered because the blanket is way too small for her. Decide to look into ordering her the next size!

Step 2: I bet the “toddler size” will be perfect!

Step 10 (and several websites later): Well crap, she seems to already have the toddler size, the only option left is twin size….that’s not going to fit into a crib!

Step 16: Look into ordering the conversion kit and new mattress to upgrade her crib to the junior bed.

Step 35: Ummmm…based on the prices for the upgrade to junior, girlfriend might as well get a whole new bed!

Step 62: Twin size or full size???? TWIN SIZE OR FULL SIZE??????

Step 99: Hey, why don’t I post the question on my local Mom’s Facebook page?

Step 112: What about a trundle bed? Let’s do some online research, because I’m sure I’ve left some internet stones unturned.

Step 143: So I know that she’s the only girl in between two brothers and will always have her own room, but would a bunk bed be silly?

Step 155: OMG, the cabin-style lofted playhouse bed from PBK is insane! Do we need that?

Step 167: Ok, fine. A bunk bed would be silly and a total pain to make the top bunk. Moving on.

Step 192: I think that I need to go to an actual store and speak with an actual human being about this crucial matter of toddler furniture. My sanity is at stake. This task has consumed me.

Step 200: Walk into furniture store and ask for a bed. No further specifics. Just a bed. I’m lost and confused and in need of a snack.

Step 234: Floor models and mattresses are demoed. Many things are bounced upon. Many pictures are taken. Catalog city. Just…catalog city.

Step 260: Do I want an upholstered bed? A wooden frame? What finish? Can I get a trundle with an upholstered frame? I DON”T KNOW! This decision will clearly determine my daughter’s entire future.

Step 298: Cross-eyed I stumble out of the store and promise to make a decision by Friday, knowing that I cannot drag this out any further. If I don’t move on from this decision soon, my mental stability is seriously at stake.

Step 313: Fervid email exchanges between myself and the store owner.

Step 346: Let’s not forget to pick bedding! Lord knows that I can’t pick it, she will hate it. Sit at the computer for an hour while the preschooler debates the merits of mermaid versus rainbows.

Step 391: Okay, mermaids have been chosen. Return to said store with said child to help pick her bed. Am I insane, you ask? Yes, I am insane. She has no clue why she is there, she has picked her mermaids and is thoroughly confused as to why any further decisions exist.

Step 422: By some miracle of the Gods, the perfect bed is found in a catalog, is actually in stock and can be shipped to us! Much rejoicing!!!

Step 450: Don’t forget the pillows! She has been sleeping on my pillow in my bed for a solid five months now…maybe now she will stay in her own bed?

Step 478: The mermaid bedding is seriously going to clash with the existing nursery curtains (which, I must add, have been a foot too short for the window ever since moving in a year and a half ago, but fixing it never made it to the top of Mommy’s list of things to do). Clearly, the mermaid room deserves new curtains that fit the window and may actually keep sunlight out for sleeping.

Step 499: Of course, the boys demand new curtains as well. What is wrong with the paper shades they have been living with for a year and a half? They are lovely custom shades…custom because I cut them myself.

Step 512: Back to obsessing about the pillows. A nice accent pillow would be nice. Clearly I should spend an inordinate amount of time perusing Etsy for the perfect mermaid accent pillow. And new mermaid pictures to replace the existing forest nursery theme pictures!

Step 545: Since I am cursed with short curtains, the size I order is a foot too short. I literally can’t win in curtain world. Measuring properly may have helped. Frantically search old emails for a coupon to order more curtains.

Step 576: The waiting is the hardest part…when will it all show up? The 4-year-old still has no concept of this hypothetical “new bed” that is coming.

Step 599: FINALLY receive the call that the bed can be delivered! Still waiting for the bedding…

Step 620: Take a deep breath and bring her home from school to see…

Step 658: Thank the universe, SHE LOVES IT!  Now who wants to take bets whether or not she actually sleeps in it?

How did you know that it was the right time to upgrade to a “big bed?”


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