11 Ways Your TV Habits Change After Having A Baby



So much changed after I had a baby…even my TV habits…

1. BUH-BYE Awards Shows

The Oscars used to be my Superbowl. Watching them live was a no-go. And I couldn’t be bothered to watch them On Demand afterwards. What happened to me?

2. Characters On TV Feel Like Your Family

When Dexter ended. I literally cried. Same for “that tragic moment” on The Good Wife. I think I was depressed for a straight week. The #showhole is real.

3. TV Is The New Movies

My husband and I enjoy going to dinner and a movie (cliché, I know) for date nights. But when those dried up (or at least didn’t happen as frequently) post baby, we turned to the tube. I don’t even know what’s in theaters half the time anymore.

4. You Can Relate To Every TV Mom

The stereotypes that seemed so mundane before, suddenly SPEAK TO YOU in ways you never thought possible. Tami Taylor from FNL is my IDOL. Parenthood? I can’t even.

5. You Become Obsessed With Obscure Shows No One Else Has Seen

Enter: Orphan Black, Black Mirror, Top Of The Lake…basically everything on BBC.

6. Prioritizing Your DVR Is A Full-Time Job

Where do you even begin? Downton Abbey Finale. Last week’s Walking Dead. GIRLS. AHHHH!

7. TV Is a Date Night Must-Do

When Netflix and Chill is quite literally…Pizza and Shameless.

8. A Successful Night Is Directly Correlated With How Much TV You Got To Watch

“We squeezed in 2 episodes of Homeland last night!” #WIN

9. TV Talk > Talking About The Weather

Who really cares about rain anyway? I’d rather discuss how smoking hot Liev Shriber is on Ray Donovan.

10. If Someone Spoils A Show, You WILL Cut Them.

Avoiding Facebook is hard work. But if you tell me what happens on House Of Cards, you’re dead to me.

11. It Makes You Feel Normal

No matter how crazy your life is at the moment, The Sopranos have it way worse. I promise you.

How have your TV habits changed?


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