Turning 40 in 2020


turning fortyNaturally, turning 40 years old has its own hardships and reflections. But as I approach my 40th birthday this month, I have to face the facts. I am not as young as I used to be. And so many aspects of my life have certainly been challenging the last year or two. I will admit, I am feeling older and more tired.

My emotions have been running high this year, especially the constant worrying. Yes, as a mom, I am very guilty of worrying about my children all the time. Also, the uncertainty about whether my kids will have a successful school year has been mentally exhausting.

As I now turn 40, I am supposed to be wiser, more clever, and experienced in many aspects of life. But some days, it doesn’t feel that way. The decisions have gotten more complex. But I try to stay positive and take the time to ensure I make the best decisions to keep my children safe and happy.

As with growing older, it is a safe statement to say that our bodies begin to change. And yes, they do tend to “sag” a bit in some places. Others who have approached the big 4-0 say that changes to our metabolism are completely normal, and most will experience this at some point in time. I have had some unexpected health challenges this year and more aches and pains.

I often feel like I am “falling apart.” This is not how I felt just a few years ago; when I could jump out of bed and go all day without sitting down. Things in your body slow down. But most all of these changes are workable and normal. It may mean you need to take more time to yourself and even see a doctor or two. Listen to your body!

“But the fact of the matter is at 40 nothing listens. Not our husbands. not our kids. not our parents. and not our body.”  (A quote from my good friend)

One of the biggest things to get me through this new stage in life is to reach out to close friends. This helps me build emotional support and stay positive. When I am having a bad day, I have found that my best friends are like personal trainers or even cheerleaders, leading me toward a more positive goal. Also, I will even go for a coffee at a local coffee shop and start a short conversation with the server. 

This is not how I planned the year would go as I rapidly transitioned from age 39 to 40. I had bigger and better expectations. But sometimes life throws you curve balls, and you have to be resourceful and strong. I try to gain confidence so I can embrace any challenges that lie ahead. I could either let life wear me down or keep my head up and realize it’s not that bad. Despite the “normal” aging that happens to all of us and some of the drawbacks, I look forward to this year and my 40th birthday this month! 


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