5 Tried and Tested Water Fun Activities


Summer is finally upon us and the weather has FINALLY started to cooperate and act accordingly! This also means that school has ended along with the many other activities that keep our families constantly on the go! They days are long and it’s so hard to keep everyone entertained all day long. So, here are 5 tried and tested water fun activities that I guarantee will keep your little ones (and others) busy and cool at home on these hot summer days!

1. Target Practice: This one is great because it can be played with a bunch of kids all together! I drew a target in our driveway and put shapes in each ring. This is something you could use to practice anything from colors, numbers or letters! You could also put point values in each ring for older kids too, but for now, and the age group tested on, we used shapes! I took cheap sponges from the dollar store and gave each child 4. They had a blast trying to get their sponge into the middle (aka star) ring! My son loved being able to throw things around and not get yelled at for it! After all had taken their turn this quickly turned into a water fight with sponges!target practice

2.  Ice Cube Exploration: My son has TONS of trucks and cars! This made it easier to take a few while he was busy doing something else to put into our giant ice cube. During nap time I took a large Tupperware container and lined it with a plastic shopping bag, then filled the it with water (make sure the bag is larger than the container to make it easier to pull out)! I took trucks and construction vehicles I collected and put them in the water, closed it up and put it in the freezer overnight. Thankfully the next day was crazy hot so once I pulled out the giant ice cube, it immediately started to melt! My son had a great time using his tools to try and break apart the ice and get his toys out!ice

3. Truck & Car Wash: We have many big trucks scattered around our backyard at all times. They haul sand, rocks, dirt or anything else that may be found in the backyard, so it was time to give them a good scrubbing. I took a large bucket of water and added a little dish soap for washing. I took another bucket of plain water for rinsing. My son pulled out the car wash sponge we have in the garage and went to town on those trucks. He spent at least an hour scrubbing top to bottom on each vehicle and then moved over to his playhouse! This was definitely my mans favorite water activity so far this summer and so easy to set up!

unnamed (1)

4. Water Balls: I discovered these super absorbent sponge-like balls at the dollar store! I played with them when I was younger and loved soaking friends. We had friends over one afternoon and I let the boys have 2 each and off they went. They each had a bucket of water to use and soaked each other completely. I tried to organize a game of catch (similar to water balloon toss) but neither of them were interested. They were much happier throwing them at each other and  holding it over their heads to get wet!

5. A Big Ol’ Bucket of Water: This proved to be another favorite water activity of the week. My son had a great time transporting the water in different buckets, cars, trucks, shovels and basically anything else he could find in the backyard! I pulled out my teacher mom hat and we talked about objects that sink or float as well. This quickly turned into what makes the bigger splash but again loved every minute of it!unnamed

My son and I had a great time getting wet and staying cool at home! Baby girl on the other hand took the opportunity to get some shade and a nap. There are so many things you can do with water and lots of learning that can be incorporated into them as well! These activities are easy, cheap and can keep little ones entertained for hours!

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What are your favorite ways to keep the kids entertained outdoors? 


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