Transitioning Back to Normal


back to normalNews Flash: The country is reopening. Life is looking more like it did before March 2020. We are getting back to normal!

Travel has resumed and stores and businesses are booming once again. Finding a parking spot is like trying to find a lost white mitten in the snow.

Masks were once mandatory but now optional to those who are fully vaccinated. I now have seen hundreds of people without masks in the past couple of weeks. It is almost like going to a store and seeing people without shoes on. What was just recently such a “normal” part of our life is now gone. 

I feel like a sign should be placed on the door, “Enter at your own risk.” 

I am not sure I like the post-COVID era. My family and I took the time and adjusted well to the changes. I feel a sense of safety as we protected ourselves and so many around us did the same. 

My husband likes to remind me that “COVID is done” or “No one cares anymore, and people are over it.” But what does that really mean?

I am sitting in our hotel room on our first family mini-vacation to another state as I write this article. My kids have finished out the school year strong, and it was a much needed getaway from our house. This may be my first step in returning back to what used to be “normal” over 18 months ago.

My husband is telling me that his office is fully open. His bosses are highly urging employees to return to the office. If vaccinated then masks are optional and required if unvaccinated. My husband wants to be back in the office to socialize and see other coworkers. I will miss my husband being home to help and the quality time. He has been helpful with the kids, cooking meals, running errands, and spending time together in the evenings as a family. 

It feels like a light switch to me. One day we were told to stay home and stay safe. Now, we are transitioning to what life was before the COVID pandemic. It may feel like long awaited transition for some. 

I am not 100% sure I am ready for the “old” way of life. The way things were before the pandemic feels like years ago. Honestly, there are some things I will miss

Our school year involved a ton of family time together. It was a combination of hybrid (in person/virtual) and by the middle of the school year it was all in full-time. I know teachers, staff, and administration worked so hard. This was not a easy school year, but we got through it. We were thankful that we had our health too and my kids never missed a day inside the school.  

My children did tons of virtual online camps last summer. It worked well for us. They were happy, engaged, met new people, and learned new things from camps across the United States. My oldest daughter had a online acting camp over the winter. It was out of Massachusetts and it was put together and performed impressively. We actually were able to get over 15 family members to watch it live. If it had been in person, it would have been only 2. 

This summer we have decided to send our kids to in-person local, town camps. They will wear their masks, as the option to vaccinate them has not become available to us yet.

I am slowly proceeding with caution as we are in this post-COVID era. I am trying my best  to embrace it. In my personal choice, I will still wear my mask when going to indoor places of business. 

While, I am sure that this past year (and more) brings many mixed feelings and emotions for all, there are often silver linings in so many things we come across in life. It has definitely taught me to appreciate so many more things and I have truly enjoyed the family time and memories made. 

What will you miss from the COVID-19 Era? How do you feel about getting back to normal?


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