Exploring the excavator!
Exploring the excavator!

Honk honk! Beep beep! When Shane was 16 months old the town of Fairfield came to pave our street. Most neighbors were annoyed with all the trucks and loud noises that lasted over the course of a few weeks. However, Shane was in awe…and so was I. My very active little boy actually sat one morning for about 2 hours watching all the trucks working together (while he sat holding his little dump truck and road-roller). A few weeks later he said his first word “TRUCK!”

Now at two and a half I can say Shane is obsessed with trucks. We have way too many toy trucks that he loves to use when making his construction sites. Almost every book we read is about trucks (our favorite being Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site). When driving in the car Shane is constantly shouting out the names of trucks he sees… I find myself doing it too, “Hey look excavator!” even when I’m alone. (Yes, I do know the names and functions of ALL trucks).

Trucks, trucks and more trucks!
Trucks, trucks and more trucks!

This past weekend Shane was in heaven since we were able to attend the town of Wilton’s Touch-A-Truck event held at Middlebrook Middle School. Tons of trucks came and parked so that children were able to climb into them, sit, and explore. There was a garbage truck, dump truck, school bus, police car, delivery truck, and so many more. Shane spent two hours galloping back and forth between all the trucks…his favorite being the front wheel loader with its huge bucket! It was hard to keep up with the twins in the double stroller. For the first hour it was silent, so no horns! But once that hour passed it was very LOUD! Shane loved beeping all the different horns, Blake hated the noise and kept frowning, while Brynn laughed with each blaring sound.

More trucks to play with!
More trucks to play with!
Pony rides!
Pony rides!

To make the day even better there were pony rides, face painting, a clown, popcorn, pizza and lots of sweets. We took a quick ride on the “Roaming Railroad” train as Shane shouted (the whole ride) “All aboard!” He also had a blast playing with a bunch of toy trucks…as if he doesn’t do that enough at home. All together it was a terrific way to spend the day together with the whole family.

Many other towns in Fairfield County also have Touch-A-Truck events, and many are scheduled for the next few months. I am super excited to attend as many as possible. It is such a great feeling to watch your child experience the things they love.

Below is a list of upcoming Touch-A-Truck events.

Fairfield – Fairfield Ludlowe High School
September 15th

Weston – Weston Public Works Garage
September 21st

Norwalk – Taylor Farm Park
October 5th

Stamford – Stamford Museum & Nature Center
November 3rd

Westport – Coleytown Elementary School
March 29th 2014

Do you know of any other Touch-A-Truck events? Are there other events in the area that your kids love?

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