Top Secret Baby Advice They Only Tell You After Baby #2


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I really shouldn’t be writing this. I mean, no one told me this advice until after baby #2 arrived. There must be some mama code that insists we keep this golden gem of advice secret from first-time moms. I mean, why else did no one tell me this before baby #1 was born?

I don’t like secrets, so I’m going to tell everyone this TOP SECRET BABY ADVICE they only tell you after baby #2: 

Unless you’re willing to make it a habit, don’t do it. 

Allow me to elaborate with an example. With my first child, I held her during naps from the moment she was born. I loved the baby cuddles and was in complete awe of this beautiful sweetheart, so I wanted to soak it all in. Well, that became a habit—wanting to nap in my arms. Sure, I loved holding her, but to do that all day…it was exhausting. Plus, she then had trouble napping on her own. She would scream. I started this bad habit and it took forever to break it. Lesson learned.

For baby #2, I’m doing my best to establish “good” (meaning whatever works best for you and your family) habits from the get-go. I’m happy to report that my second daughter naps in her crib (for the most part…she definitely has some on-the-go naps!).

Spread the word to all new moms out there! Let’s help each other and stop with the secrets, deal?

What advice do you wish you heard before having your first baby?

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