Top 10 Essentials for Newborns


Five years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, I was overwhelmed by the amount of baby items on the market.  What should I include in my registry and what was junk? How would I know? Well, after the baby came along and I got into a routine, I quickly figured out what worked for us and what didn’t. A few of my girlfriends were pregnant with their first babies around that time, and they asked me to put together a list of items that I liked. So, if you’re a new mom or mom to be, here is a list of what I thought of as the top 10 essentials for newborns. Top 10 Essentials for Newborns

  1. Baby swing. This thing is like gold and will make any infant fall asleep instantly! We had one similar to this.
  2. Boppy pillows (2). Two pillows guarantees there is always one around if the other is dirty. Plus, get a few extra covers. Find them here.
  3. Dr. Brown’s bottles. Lots of parts but great for stopping gas. 
  4. Breast pump. I used one that was similar to this.  Definitely go for the double electric if you plan on pumping regularly.
  5. Video monitor. Essential. And soothing for you to be able to see her/him without her/him seeing you. Find a cool one here.
  6. Infant car seat/stroller. We had a Chicco “travel system” because the infant car seat can pop out of the stroller and straight into the car seat base. When the baby gets bigger you can put him/her straight into the stroller without the infant car seat. It’s a little expensive, but very functional. You could also get the carseat and base and then just get a carrier stroller like this one.  
  7. Swaddlers! These look like torture devices, but they are awesome and babies LOVE them. They love being swaddled to sleep and snuggling. But, sometimes re-doing their swaddle blankets in the middle of the night is a pain in the you know what. These things keep them locked up safe and warm!  
  8. Blankets. You can’t have enough blankets for on the go diaper changes, swaddling, spit up, play time, etc.  These are the best ones I have found. In fact, my son STILL snuggles with his now at 3 years old. They are good for everything! 
  9. Baby carrier. These things are awesome for getting stuff done around the house once you’re up to it, but just a warning, the baby doesn’t want to be put down. There are a hundred styles, but I stuck with the original Baby Bjorn and loved it.
  10. Bouncy seat. Any style works. It’s just a good place to put the baby down safely when you want to take a shower or do the dishes. 

What do you think? What would you add or take away?

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Abby is a full time middle school teacher and mom. She was born and raised in Fairfield County and despite a few attempts at moving out west to Colorado, she has always ended up back here in the tri-state area. She met her husband, Chris, in college, and they were married in 2008 in Norwalk. They welcomed their first son, Ben, in 2010 and their second son, Tommy, in 2012. They recently just bought their forever home in Wilton and brought home a Bernese Mountain dog puppy, Nora, to add to the fun. Abby spends her weekdays working and parenting her two young boys and her weekends trying to relax with family and friends. She enjoys running, podcasts, nice dinners out with her husband or friends and the quiet hour alone with her coffee each morning before everyone else wakes up.


  1. Wow! What a great list. I LOVED my running stroller (BOB) and definitely used my Ergo (baby carrier) way more than I ever envisioned – especially with the second.


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